Steeped in one hundred and fifty years of tradition, The Open Championship is one of golf’s most revered and celebrated events. Current legends descend on The Open, hoping to rise to the ranks of the old greats that have played before them.

British open, St. Andrews, open championship

Fitting, The Open is returning to St. Andrews for its 150th rendition. The “old course”, reliably unpredictable, is set to test the resilience of any player who takes on the grand old lady. Over four days, the champion golfer of the year is made and will lift the Claret Jug.


To mark the 150th playing of the Open Championship,VESSEL is pleased to launch the commemorative, limited edition 150th Open Collection. As an official licensee of The Open Championship, VESSEL has crafted a collection that incorporates the historic institution of The Open Championship and the prestige of its host.  

VESSEL’s staple golf bags, The Prime Staff, Player III and VLX Stand have all been transformed and customized to showcase The Open Championship’s signature navy blue and 150th Open logo. VESSEL’s Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel and Signature 2.0 Toiletry bag are also getting The Open Championship treatment.


Building the 150th Open Championship collection began with a style guide, provided by the Open Championship team. VESSEL took this style guide as a template to inspire the color choices, bag patterns and other design elements. 

VESSEL and The Open carefully collaborated throughout the design process. The Open team provided detailed and thoughtful feedback to guide the collection to the final products. 

The 150th Open Championship Collection is the first VESSEL line of products to feature the Track Navy color. The main material of the bags is VESSEL’s “linear” premium, textured synthetic leather.

british open, textured leather, open championship

This choice was a perfect fit for The Open Championship collaboration because the 150th logo utilizes “thread” lines to symbolize and mimic the journey and evolution of golf. The linear textured synthetic leather in Track Navy is a nod to the history of The Open. 

A closer look reveals that even some of the white portions of the bags also incorporate a subtle pattern to honor the 150th Open.

open championship, british open

The inside lining of the golf bags features a similar, printed pattern incorporating the 150th Open logo. This lining is unique to the 150th Open Collection. 

open championship, british open

Prime Staff

prime staff, British open, open championship

No major tournament is complete without a staff bag. VESSEL’s first instinct was to re-create the Prime Staff as an exclusive limited offering of the 150th Open Championship partnership. 


Player III Stand

As VESSEL’s most popular bag, the Player III Stand was an obvious and exciting choice to include in the collaboration. 


VLX Stand

-The choice to include and create a version of the VLX Stand Bag is a nod to St. Andrews and the walkability of the course. The VLX Stand bag is a lighter option and can be enjoyed by fans of the Open Championship that choose to walk their home course. 

Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel and Signature 2.0 Toiletry


And for any Open fan that wants to rep the gear off the course (maybe en-route to a Scottish golf vacation?) VESSEL is offering the Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel and Signature 2.0 Toiletry bags.

Each of the bags is being released in exclusive, limited quantities. The Prime Staff, VLX Stand, Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel and Signature 2.0 Toiletry Bag will have global availability of 200 units. The Player III has global availability of 350 units. 

Because the collection is limited, each bag in the Commemorative 150th Open Collection is assigned a specific badge with an accompanying serial number of 1-200 or 1-350, respectively.

VESSEL is honored to partner with the 150th Open Championship and become part of the tradition and history of one of golf’s most prestigious events. This collection also allows fans of The Open Championship to own their own piece of the championship. 

What serial number will your bag be?

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