Best Gifts for Golfers

Best Gifts for Golfers

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 | 5 min read
Surprise your favorite golfer or golf enthusiast with Christmas gifts that fuel their passion. From thoughtful gifts to last-minute selections, these Christmas gift ideas will make holiday shopping a breeze. Whether you’re looking to impress an in-law or spoil your closest loved ones, find something to make this holiday season extra special. Check out this holiday gift guide for the best Christmas gifts for golfers.

Personalized Golf Bag
The VLS Lux Stand Bag

Your favorite golfer may be in need of a gear update. It’s the perfect time to surprise them with a new golf bag. One of the latest styles is the VLS Lux from VESSEL. This luxe carry bag showcases a minimalist silhouette for a classic, timeless feel. It is crafted with tour-grade synthetic leather that is known for being durable, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean. Golfers will enjoy its refined features like premium zippers, chrome hardware, and genuine leather grab handles
This lightweight golf bag features an angled, four-way top that accommodates driver and putter hang. It is lined with high-quality velour and equipped with full-length dividers. These help protect expensive golf clubs and grips from wear. Like other VESSEL golf stand bags, the VLS Lux is designed with a patented Rotator Stand System and carbon fiber legs. The flexible base and stand system provide a wide range of motion while the lightweight stand legs are designed to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio. They work in unison to provide maximum stability on rough or uneven terrain. 
The VLS Lux Stand Bag offers plenty of storage for essential golf equipment. It features a large apparel pocket for extra layers or a change of clothing. There is also a magnetic, velour-lined rangefinder pocket that is perfect for a rangefinder, golf tees, wallet, and/or cell phone. This pocket features a vertical pull opening for easy access to small items needed on-the-go. Other notable storage space includes an antimicrobial, velour-lined valuables pocket, a magnetic cooler-lined water bottle holder, and a front ball pocket. Everything from golf balls, yardage books, and other valuables can be stored with ease.
When it comes to the best golf stand bags, comfort is key. The VLS Lux is equipped with an ergonomic hip pad and an EQ2 strap system. This padded double strap self-adjusts to the caddie or golfer’s natural gait. This strap system also allows golfers to interchange between a double or single strap carry. 
To enhance the bag’s durability and functionality, the VLS Lux Stand Bag also includes a matching rain hood, umbrella holder, and dual-purpose bottle opener/ towel ring
VESSEL understands that touring pros and avid golfers demand the highest quality from their golf gear. Players can rest assured this bag’s performance elements set the VLS Lux Stand Bag apart from any other on the market.    
Color options: Pebbled White | Perforated Black | Crosshatch Black | Crosshatch Maroon | Crosshatch Natural

Matching Headcover Set

Whether a golfer walks or rides the course, golf clubs are bound to rattle around and become damaged.  These unnecessary nicks and scuffs are not only unsightly, but devalue golf clubs. To protect your golfer’s prized driver or lucky putter by giving them a set of matching golf head covers. This useful golf accessory helps keep clubs in great condition.
For some best sellers, check out VESSEL Leather Golf Headcovers. These deluxe headcovers have a timeless aesthetic and are offered in different variations of black and white. Crafted from luxurious, genuine leather that is coated with a durable finish, these genuine leather headcovers withstand the elements and age beautifully over time. To add to the premium feel, they showcase a plush, velour interior. This padding alleviates unpleasant clattering that occurs when in transit. VESSEL Golf Headcovers add a refined look and feel to your golf gear and make for excellent golf gifts. VESSEL Headcovers are also available in other material finishes and colorways. See all options here.
Shop all: driver headcovers |  fairway wood headcovers | hybrid headcover | mallet putter cover | golf blade putter cover

Personalized Magnetic Golf Towel

Golf towels can truly come in clutch on the golf course. From drying golf balls, club grips, and hands, this is a must-have golf accessory. Golf towels are also crucial for wiping down golf clubs after it rains to prevent the shaft and club head from rusting. 
A soft, non-abrasive option is the Magnetic Golf Towel. It features a waffle-textured microfiber that helps remove dirt and debris from club grooves without scratching them. To help with storage and accessibility, this machine-washable golf towel is designed with an 8” keyhole opening and a webbing loop. The keyhole center opening allows you to conveniently drape the towel over a golf club or alignment stick, whilst the webbing loop hooks onto a ring or clip. This magnetic towel contains a strong magnet that can be picked up by your golf clubs or “stick” to the posts of a golf cart. Add a personal touch to this gift by getting this golf towel embroidered. Personalize it with name, initials, club crest, or another logo.

Golf Alignment Sticks and Alignment Stick Cover

Another crucial golf accessory are golf alignment sticks. This golf training aid is necessary for perfecting a golf swing that will guarantee a golf ball makes it down the fairway. Whether they’re practicing on the golf course or driving rangealignment sticks are a visual aid that will improve their golf game. The best golf alignment sticks will not only help with their full swing, but they come in handy when working on short game as well. Because of this training tool's versatility it is highly recommended for players between novice and PGA levels.
High-quality alignment sticks and alignment stick covers can be found at VESSEL. With the Vessel Alignment Stick Set, golfers can achieve proper alignment, swing plane, swing path, ball position, and ball flight. These premium alignment rods are crafted with high-quality carbon fiberglass rods for maximum durability and minimal weight. The ends are capped with molded vinyl which are designed to last longer than rubber caps. The Vessel alignment sticks have been intentionally designed in a compact, portable size to fit comfortably in the top dividers of a golf bag. At 36-inches long, this alignment stick will not interfere with the driver clubhead, putters, of other golf clubs. The finishing touch--protect their alignment sticks with alignment stick covers. Much like golf club headcovers, alignment stick covers prevent excessive wear and tear and keep gear performance-ready. With a genuine leather outer and microfiber lining, VESSEL Alignment Stick Covers shields alignment sticks from rain and other outdoor elements. This golf accessory increases the longevity of this training tool and keeps it looking pristine for years to come. Golf alignment sticks and covers make for a great Christmas present of stocking stuffer.

Golf Hat

last-minute, affordable gift idea is a stylish golf hat. Rain or shine, having a hat on the golf course can make all the difference. Gift the Retro Trucker Hat to your spouse, best friend, or family member. They will love the neutral tones of this comfortable, laid-back snapback. Not only will it pair with their golf attire, but it will complement any daily outfit. 
This stylish golf hat is made from a lightweight nylon-polyester blend that promotes breathability. It features adjustable straps and mesh-backing for a flexible fit. Any golfer can benefit from having a golf hat that shields their eyes from the sun or rain. Create a golf gift set by pairing this golf hat with: a golf shirt, golf socks, and golf shoes.

Golf Stand Bag 
The Player III Stand Bag

If you know your golfer spends hours on the golf course, they may need a larger golf stand bag like the Player III. This best-selling style is handcrafted with tour-grade synthetic leather and waterproof zippers. With materials that are durable, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean it’s no wonder this bag is recommended by professional players. 
The Player III golf stand bag offers excellent functionality. It is offered in 6-way and 14-way top options that are equipped with full-length dividers. Both selections fit a full set of clubs and ensure that golf clubs do not get tangled. This premium carry bag provides ample storage space for essential golf equipment and must-have golf accessories. It showcases 7 easy access pockets to make organization a breeze. These include: an apparel pocket, ball pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket, and more. There is plenty of storage for: golf balls, water bottles, extra apparel, and a rangefinder. 
This premium golf bag is designed with a patented Rotator Stand System and carbon fiber legs to provide a reliable, sturdy base. It also utilizes an ergonomic EQ2 Double Strap that adapts to the golfer’s natural gait for the most comfortable golfing experience. 
The Player III is one of the best golf bags for avid golfers and passionate athletes. From the putting green to the driving range, it offers the stylish durability your golfer is looking for.  To take this gift idea to the next level, pair their new golf bag with matching golf headcovers. These will protect their lucky putter and other clubs from wear and tear. 
Color Options: BlackWhite/Navy | Grey | White | Iridium | Citrine | White/Rose Gold

Golf Cart Bag
The Lux XV Cart Bag

For the golfers that prefer to ride on a golf cart, give them a bag that is designed for just that-- a golf cart bag! This style typically features front-facing pockets and multiple handles to allow for convenient and efficient access to golf gear while the bag is loaded on the cart. Golf cart bags are typically larger than stand bags, and truly maximize the storage space on an electric golf cart or push cart
When looking for the best golf cart bags, the Lux XV Cart Bag goes unmatched. This utility-driven cart bag is crafted for optimal performance. It showcases tour-grade synthetic leather with a smooth, matte finish and TPR-coated top handles for added durability. 
The Lux XV is aptly named for its 15 fully-enclosed, full-length dividers that include a dedicated putter well. This generously-sized, TPR-coated putter well accommodates all club grip sizes and accounts for putter hang. These features prevent clubs from tangling and minimize wear and tear on grips. 
The Lux XV golf cart bag features intentional storage like: forward-facing pockets, apparel pockets, and dual side pockets. One of the most notable storage features is the upper pocket pod that creates a pass-through for a cart strap. It snaps over a cart strap to allow easy access to rangefinders, valuables, or other small items. With this purposeful organization, your favorite golfer will never worry about their important gear getting lost amongst larger items. 
[Learn more about the Lux XV storage features here]

Golf Staff Bag 
The Lux LE Midsize Staff

Players that want a larger golf bag will love the Lux LE Midsize Staff Bag. This is the perfect gift for aspiring pros, golf instructors, or anyone that spends all day on the course. It offers ample storage for extra clubs, training aids, and more. 
The Lux LE Midsize Staff Bag has created a category all of its own. It boasts the functionality of a staff bag with the intentional storage of a cart bag. This hybrid golf bag features front-facing pockets that include: a zippered pocket, magnetic rangefinder pocket, ball pocket, and dual water bottle holders. On either side of the Lux LE, there are apparel pockets, antimicrobial-lined accessory pockets, and thermal-lined cooler pockets. With plenty of storage space, your golfer will have a place for every gadget. 
Like other tour-trusted VESSEL bags, this golf bag was built to last. It features a tour-grade synthetic leather exterior with a beautiful quilted pattern for that extra touch of luxury. This material isn’t just beautiful, it is weather-resistant and durable too. 
To ensure optimal golf club protection, the top is carefully-crafted with a stainless steel ring wrapped in velour. The dividers are microfiber-lined and are full-length. These refined details prevent unnecessary damage to expensive golf clubs and grips. From the storage capacity, pocket layout, and functional features, the Lux LE Midsize is exactly what your golfer is looking for.

Cooler Den Caddy

One of the best golf gift ideas is something that can be used on and off the course. A great gift is the VESSEL Cool Caddy. This unique addition to a man cave, office space, or beach bbq is a showstopper. It is a cooler that is designed to look like a classic golf den caddy bag. It’s equipped with a removable cooler lining to keep refreshments icy cold. With a 20L capacity, it holds enough beverages for all your golf buddies. Yet, it is compact enough to be carried with ease. The Cool Caddy even features a padded lid that serves as the best seat at the backyard cookout or driving range. The Cool Caddy is complete with: insulated pockets, waterproof zippers, removable bottle opener, and padded shoulder strap. To take this Christmas gift to the next level, fill the Cool Caddy with your golfer’s favorite craft beer, beverage, or snacks! This thoughtful gift is sure to impress any golf lovers in your life. [Add their name, initials, or club crest for a personalized gift]

Mini Golf Bag

One of the best golf gifts for avid golfers is a golf den caddy. This miniature version of a golf bag is ideal for storing golf balls and small items like golf tees, golf ball markers, and divot tools. They make the perfect companion for the driving range or a great addition to an office space or living room
The most popular den caddy in 2021 is VESSEL Den Caddy 2.0. Modeled after the Prime Staff Bag, this den caddy is crafted from tour-grade synthetic leather and waterproof zippers. It features a large top opening for easy access and a hidden trap door that serves as a ball dispenser. With 3 zip pockets, there is plenty of room for extra tees, ball markers, golf gloves, and must-have golf accessories. The Den Caddy 2.0 also showcases an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap and a back grab handle for convenient carrying. The best part about the VESSEL Den Caddy 2.0-- it can be personalized! Your golfer will love showing off their new golf accessory. [Pair this golf gift with personalized golf balls for that extra “wow” factor]

Laptop Travel Backpack 

Paired with a Matching Toiletry Bag

One of the best gift ideas for those that play on-the-road, is a travel laptop backpack. This type of travel bag makes for the ideal carry-on for golfers. It allows them to carry the essentials on their back and keep their hands free for a golf travel bag and other checked bag. 
Your golfer is sure to love the Signature 2.0 Plus with Antimicrobial Liner. This high-quality laptop bag is handcrafted with water-resistant vegan leather, antimicrobial lining, and premium YKK zippers, stylish durability. It features a convenient, 180-degree opening that reveals: 1 padded laptop sleeve, 1 padded compartment for an iPad, and 2 slip pockets for small gadgets. This intentionally-designed laptop compartment allows for easy access and packing. 
In the main compartment, there is plenty of room to store: water bottles, a change of clothes, a toiletry bag, and more. Exterior storage like a zippered front pocket and bottom shoe compartment provides easy access to important items on-the-go. 
Of course, only the best laptop travel backpacks offer superior comfort. The Signature 2.0 Plus with Antimicrobial Liner is designed with padded shoulder straps and a breathable back panel. These ergonomic features promote airflow and offer ample back support. From the golf course to the jetway, this multipurpose style offers everything your golfer needs for a comfortable trip. Pair this stylish laptop backpack with its matching toiletry kit.

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