Best Golf Accessories for 2022

Best Golf Accessories for 2022

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2022 is the Year of Functional Golf Gear. It’s time to make sure your favorite golf bag is fitted with useful and essential gear. Aside from the basics like: golf balls, tees, ball markers, and yardage books, there are essential golf accessories that will take your playing experience to the next level. Whether you’re a rising pro or weekend golfer, your gear should provide optimal functionality and comfort so you can focus on the game. Here are the best golf accessories in 2022:

1. Golf Headcovers

Whether you walk or ride the golf course, golf clubs can get banged up in transit. These unnecessary nicks and scuffs are not just unsightly–they devalue your clubs. If you plan to use them for years to come, it’s best to maintain their condition. 
Keep your clubs in good shape by investing in quality golf club headcovers. For some best sellers, check out VESSEL. The new Lux leather golf headcovers are offered in black and white which give them a timeless look. Each deluxe  headcover is crafted with high-quality genuine leather and lined with velour. With durable, water-resistant materials, these headcovers protect expensive golf clubs from excessive wear. This golf accessory also adds a refined touch to your golf gear

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2. Club Brush
One of the best golf accessories is a club brush. This special kind of brush typically features thick, nylon bristles and a sturdy wooden handle. It is used to remove dirt and debris from the grooves of club faces. When you keep your golf clubs clean throughout a round of golf, it ensures better ball contact. After each round, you can clean your set of clubs to have them prepped and ready for the next game. 

3. Golf Alignment Sticks 

A crucial golf accessory are golf alignment sticks. Whether you're practicing on the golf course or driving range, alignment sticks are a visual aid that assists during golf training.  This golf training aid helps to perfect your golf swing and guarantee your golf ball makes it down the fairway. Because of this training tool's versatility it is recommended for beginners, avid golfers, and PGA Tour professionals.
High-quality alignment sticks and alignment stick covers can be found at VESSEL. With the Vessel Alignment Stick Set, golfers can achieve proper alignment, swing plane, swing path, ball position, and ball flight. These premium alignment rods are crafted with high-quality carbon fiberglass rods for maximum durability and minimal weight. The ends are capped with molded vinyl which are designed to last longer than rubber caps. The VESSEL alignment sticks have been intentionally designed in a portable size to fit comfortably in the top dividers of your golf bag. At 36-inches long, this alignment stick will not interfere with your driver clubhead, putters, or other golf clubs.

4. Alignment Stick Covers

Protect your alignment sticks with alignment stick covers. Much like golf club headcovers, alignment stick covers prevent excessive wear and keep your golf gear performance-ready. With a genuine leather outer and microfiber lining, VESSEL Alignment Stick Covers shield your alignment sticks from rain and other outdoor elements. This golf accessory increases the longevity of your training tool and keeps it looking pristine for years to come.

5. Divot Tool

When golf balls hit the putting green, they lift tufts of grass and leave pitch marks. Golfers can use a two-pronged divot tool to repair these pitch marks before they putt. Any golfer that lands on the green in regulation needs a divot repair tool.

6. Cart Strap Sleeve
For golf cart riders, there are very few golf cart accessories that are both functional and stylish. However, cart strap sleeves are both. Cart strap sleeves slide over the strap attached to an electric cart or push cart and provide a barrier. This way, the abrasive cart strap does not dig into your luxurious cart bag. With this minimalist golf accessory, your bag can look as new as the day you got it.

7. Golf Towel
Golf towels are very helpful out on the golf course. They are used to dry golf balls, club grips, and sweaty hands. Golf towels should also be used to wipe down golf clubs in order to prevent the shaft and club head from rusting. 
One of the best golf towels is this soft, non-abrasive Microfiber Club Towel. It features a waffle-textured microfiber that helps remove dirt and debris from club grooves without scratching them. This machine-washable golf towel is designed with an 8” keyhole opening and a webbing loop to help with storage and accessibility. The keyhole center opening allows you to conveniently drape the towel over a golf club or alignment stick, whilst the webbing loop hooks onto a ring or clip.  

8. Den Caddy
Den caddies are a must-have golf accessory for avid golfers. This miniature version of a golf bag is ideal for storing golf balls and small items like golf tees and ball markers. They make the perfect companion for the driving range or a great golf gift for office spaces and backyard putting greens. 
One of the most popular den caddies is the VESSEL Den Caddy 2.0. Crafted from tour-grade synthetic leather and waterproof zippers, this den caddy is durable, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean.     
It features a large top opening for quick access and a hidden trap door that serves as a ball dispenser. For easy access storage, the Den Caddy 2.0 is equipped with 3 zip pockets. It provides plenty of room for extra tees, ball marks, golf gloves, and pencils. This minimalist den caddy also showcases an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap and a back grab handle to offer convenient carrying options. The best part about this VESSEL Den Caddy 2.0-- it can be personalized! You’ll never have to worry about getting your bag mixed up at the driving range.

9. The Cool Caddy
No golf outing is complete without a place to store refreshments. Upgrade your golf game experience with the newest golf accessory to hit the market-- the VESSEL Cool Caddy. This cooler looks and feels just like a den caddy but is equipped with a removable cooler lining to keep drinks icy cold. It holds enough drinks for the entire crew and is compact enough to be carried or carted with ease. The Cool Caddy even features a padded top lid that serves as the best seat at the driving range, backyard cookout, or beach day barbecue. Other handy features include: two external pockets, a removable bottle opener, and padded shoulder strap

10. Golf Travel Case

Although this golf accessory isn’t used on the golf course, it can help you get there! If you’re packing for your next golf trip, you’ll need a golf travel case. This is a large travel bag that safely transports your golf bag and clubs on flights. Whether you use a cart bag, stand bag, or staff bag, this soft-sided golf travel cover from VESSEL can easily store all of your golf equipment. It’s crafted with heavy duty, tear-resistant, 1680D Ballistic Nylon and weather-resistant materials to offer the durability and extra protection needed for airline travel. Because this is a soft cover, it is more flexible than polyethylene hard shell cases. This allows the bag to expand and condense as needed. With features like: integrated line skate wheels, constrictor compression straps, and leather handles, this golf travel cover makes transporting and handling your gear, effortless. Lightweight yet durable, the VESSEL golf travel cover ensures your lucky putter, favorite golf shoes, and other golf essentials remain unscathed throughout your travels. 
[To reinforce this soft case and protect the top of the bag, use a stiff arm.]

11. Comfortable Shoes and Insoles
For all-day comfort, it’s wise to invest in good golf shoes and insoles. A round can take several hours depending on who you’re playing with, or how busy the course is. Regardless if you’re walking or riding in a cart, there’s no question you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet. To minimize fatigue, aches, and pains--find shoes and inserts that provide all-day relief.

12. Golf Shoe Bag
Every golfer needs a reliable way to stash their favorite footwear after a round of golf. With a stylish golf shoe bag, frequent travelers, avid players, and club members have a convenient way to transport their golf shoes. A premium option is the new Voyager Shoe Bag. This deluxe shoe bag is crafted with tour-grade synthetic leather and a waterproof zipper to keep shoes protected from the elements. It features antimicrobial lining and two ventilation ports to keep shoes as fresh and sanitary as possible. With a top carry handle and a magnetic, velour-lined pocket, the Voyager is the best golf accessory for the fairway to the jetway.

13. Golf Rangefinder 
Another important golf accessory is a laser rangefinder. This golf gadget is used to keep accurate yardages and collect club data. When trying to get an accurate read of the fairway and avoid bunkers, a rangefinder can eliminate a lot of the guesswork. This handheld tool will efficiently gauge how far you need to hit the ball without having to do the mental math yourself. You can also use it to record the average distance you hit with certain clubs, and take note when to use each one. Without having to hunt down yardage signs on the course, you will save a lot of time between holes and speed up your round. There’s also no guarantee that your ball will land near a yardage sign, so having a rangefinder can mitigate this frustration. Conveniently store your rangefinder in a magnetic pocket or keep it clipped to the top of the bag. Simply reach for it when needed, get your read, and carry on with your golf game.

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14. Golf Hats
Rain or shine, having a golf hat when you’re on the course can make all the difference. This must-have golf accessory completes any golf ensemble and protects your eyes and face from harmful UV rays. A versatile style like the Retro Trucker Hat seamlessly transitions from airport outfit, to daily wear, to golf ensemble. It’s offered in neutral tones to complement any wardrobe. Comfortable, laid-back, and utterly stylish, this 5-panel snapback keeps you cool when golfing. [Be sure to pair this hat with lots of sunscreen!]

15. Golf Gloves
Be sure to find a pair of golf gloves that fit and feel comfortable. Well-fitting golf gloves create more friction and tackiness between your hand and the golf club grip. This allows for a precise swing that’ll increase your chances of getting on the green. On the contrary, ill-fitting gloves will impede your ability to grip the club and oftentimes result in an inaccurate swing.  Once you find the perfect pair, stash a few extras in your golf bag in case you wear through them during a round. It’d be unfortunate to get to the back 9 and not have a backup!

16. Padded Shoulder Straps
Anyone that carries their own bag knows how important it is to have reliable, padded straps. To make walking the course as relaxing as possible, fit your stand bag with a double strap. This backpack-style strap evenly distributes weight across your shoulders, and alleviates back and spinal pains. Double straps not only make the walking experience more pleasant and comfortable, but benefit your long-term health. A patented feature shown on Vessel stand bag double straps, is the center equilibrium swivel that readjusts the weight while you’re walking. It pivots between the straps to mimic your movement and natural gait.
If you prefer to play with a staff bag, then you’ll find that a staff bag double strap or tour strap can achieve the same backpack carry. Although staff bags are significantly larger than stand bags, the use of a double strap will make the weight tolerable. Even if you’re only toting the bag from car to cart, a double strap will give you the hands-free mobility that you wouldn’t otherwise have. If you have a caddy, then the carrying experience won’t be as strenuous and they’ll be able to assist you more efficiently. 
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17. Golf Umbrella
It’s a good idea to have a golf umbrella just in case the weather takes a turn. If you have ever been caught in the rain while on the course, you know how difficult it is to get your grips dry. Plus, it is pretty difficult to focus on your golf game when you’re soaked.

18. Valuables Pouch
The last must-have golf accessory is a valuables pouch. This versatile item can be used on and off the course, and is perfect for keeping watches, jewelry, keys, and any other small items in one, secure place. You can easily stow it away inside a waterproof pocket for safe-keeping.

19. Multipurpose Drawstring Bag
If you don’t want to carry a separate golf shoe bag, a washable drawstring bag will come in handy. Golfers can pack their dirty golf shoes in the drawstring bag and store it in their golf bag apparel pocket. This ensures that other golf gear and the interior of the bag stay clean.

20. Leather Cleaner
Keep your leather golf bag and accessories looking new with this Leather Cleaner from VESSEL. This specially-formulated solution effectively cleans genuine leather and premium synthetic leather. Golfers can simply apply the solution to a damp, lint-free cloth (like the Microfiber Club Towel), treat the intended area, and wipe dirt, debris, and residue build-up away. 

21. Leather Conditioner
To preserve the luster and appearance of your golf bag and accessories, follow up a Leather Cleaner with this Leather Conditioner. This solution prevents the leather and synthetic leather on your golf gear from drying out and cracking. This preserves the materials for many rounds to come!  


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