Backpacks and Computer Bags: The Essentials

Backpacks and Computer Bags: The Essentials

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The most efficient way to transport your laptop and tech is with a laptop bag. Whether you pack your tech for school, work, or vacation, it’s important to have a safe and secure way to travel with electronics. Of all the computer bag styles, laptop backpacks are by-far the most functional and ergonomic for commuting and traveling. The best laptop backpacks will have adjustable, padded shoulder straps, back padding, and a designated laptop compartment. It is also suggested that your laptop backpack has plenty of room for a power supply and daily essentials. Other classic laptop bags like briefcases and tote bags are also great options for days you don’t want to sport a backpack. 

BEST OVERALL | Signature 2.0 Plus with Antimicrobial Liner

Durable. Efficient. Comfortable. The Signature 2.0 Plus with Antimicrobial Liner is a must-have laptop backpack known for its durable materials, efficient storage space, and comfortable features. Its exterior is crafted with high-quality vegan leather and premium zippers for a sophisticated, minimalist look. Its interior is lined with a premium antimicrobial material that combats harmful bacteria and unwanted odors. This vegan leather laptop backpack is crafted to be durable, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean. So not only does it pair well with any outfit, it protects your everyday items on-the-go. 
The Signature 2.0 Plus with Antimicrobial Liner is designed with functional storage to make packing effortless. The most notable is the 180-degree laptop compartment. This back compartment unzips 180-degrees so that the backpack lays flat. This enables the bag to be easily scanned through airport x-rays without having to remove each electronic. Within this back compartment, there is a padded laptop pocket recommended for a MacBook or a 15.6-inch laptop. There is also a padded compartment for an iPad or tablet and two slip pockets for small gadgets.
This laptop backpack for men and women features a large main compartment. It offers enough space for: a change of clothes, notebooks, a toiletry bag, and other daily items. Within this spacious main compartment, there are several internal pockets. There are two, small mesh pockets that are the perfect size for chargers, power banks, and miscellaneous items. There are also two expandable mesh pockets that can serve as water bottle pockets. Lastly, there are two velour-lined pockets that provide scratch-free storage for sunglasses and readers. For easy access external storage, the Signature 2.0 Plus showcases a front pocket, shoe compartment, and anti-theft side pockets. With plenty of space for essentials, this stylish laptop backpack for women and men is perfect for the daily commuter, business professional, and frequent traveler.
Of course, comfort is key when it comes to the best laptop bags. To provide the most comfortable carry, the Signature 2.0 Plus is designed with padded shoulder straps and a breathable, mesh back panel that doubles as a trolley sleeve. These ergonomic features promote airflow and support the lower back and spine. This laptop backpack is truly an all-around bag that seamlessly transitions from work, travels, school, and more. With its sleek and modern aesthetic, it easily complements any wardrobe. 
Dimensions: 20"H x 12"L x 7"W
Capacity: 27L
Water-bottle holders: Yes - internal
Maximum laptop size: 16-inch Macbook Pro
Colors: Pebbled Grey, Track Black
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BEST BASIC CARRY | Skyline Backpack

If you’re looking for a simple yet functional laptop backpack, the Skyline Backpack is the perfect style. It has an elevated athleisure look that easily transitions from the office to the gym. This travel laptop backpack is crafted with high-quality VSL Nylon and zippers. These materials are weather-resistant, lightweight, and durable. These materials are ideal for commuters and avid gym-goers because the materials can be easily cleaned and the upkeep is low-maintenance. 
The Skyline Backpack is designed with a simplistic silhouette that pairs well with any outfit. It features a top zipper and clamshell opening that makes it easy to pack and unpack. Inside the main compartment, there is a padded laptop sleeve and plenty of space for other essentials. You can have a change of clothes, toiletry bag, and water bottle prepped and ready for your afterwork workout. This backpack also features: two front pockets, a quick-access top pocket, padded laptop sleeve, and multiple interior pockets. Whether you use it as a daypack, work bag, or gym bag, this backpack provides the durability and functionality you need throughout the day.  
The Skyline Backpack is highly recommended for students and work professionals, but also very beneficial for commuters, frequent travelers, and those with an athletic style. 
Dimensions: 10 3/4” W x 6” D x 18” H
Capacity: 19L 
Water-bottle holders: Yes - internal
Maximum laptop size: 15-inch laptop  
Colors: Black, Navy, Grey, Sand  
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With a classic silhouette and high-quality materials, the Skyline Lux is one of the best laptop backpacks of 2022. It features a premium, crosshatch vegan leather that looks as luxe as it feels. Fine details like YKK metal zippers, antimicrobial lining, and jacquard logos on the webbing, add a touch of elegance to your everyday carry bag. 
The chic look of this laptop backpack is perfect for the office. With a large main compartment and a padded laptop compartment, the Skyline Lux provides ample room for your office necessities. Everything from your notebooks and chargers, to a toiletry bag and spare clothes, can be packed in this slim laptop backpack. For optimal organization, this backpack is designed with: 1 microfiber lined pocket, 1 antimicrobial lined pocket, and two air mesh water bottle holders. It also features external storage for quick access to your phone, keys, and wallet
The Skyline Backpack is not only designed for style, it is crafted for functionality. It features a breathable, compression molded back panel and ergonomic backpack straps for all-day comfort. The padded back panel doubles as a trolley sleeve which slides over the handles of a rolling luggage
Dimensions: 18"H x 10.75"W x 6"D
Capacity: 19L 
Water-bottle holders: Yes - internal
Maximum laptop size: 15-inch laptop  
Colors: Black, Maroon, Natural 
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BEST FOR COMMUTERS | Signature 2.0 Lite with Antimicrobial Liner

Because of its compact size, the Signature 2.0 Lite with Antimicrobial Liner is one of the best laptop backpacks for commuting and light travels. It features a trimmed-down, minimalist silhouette that is very distinct from any other style in the Signature 2.0 Collection. It had even caught the attention of Forbes back in 2020 which landed it on the Forbes’ Top Laptop Backpack list.
Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the Signature 2.0 Lite with Antimicrobial Liner showcases great intentional storage space and functional features. The exterior is crafted with a fade- and water-resistant vegan leather. This provides the durability needed in a travel backpack or work bag.
The external storage includes: a dual-zip main compartment, a front compartment, two easy-access side pockets, and two magnetic snap pockets. The front-facing zippered pocket is great for storing a wallet, keys, transport passes, and phone. If you want to keep these items out of reach from potential pick-pocketers, then use the two anti-theft side pockets to keep important valuables safe. For quick-access to hydration, there are two magnetic-snap pockets on either side. These serve as the perfect water bottle pockets. For internal organization, there are: two, velour-lined pockets for sunglasses or jewelry, and five slip pockets for miscellaneous items. There is also a padded laptop compartment to fit a 15-inch laptop, iPad, or other tech gadgets. The storage capacity and size of the Signature 2.0 Lite Backpack with Antimicrobial makes it a great daily bag or carry-on travel bag. Complete with adjustable compression straps, an air-mesh back panel, and padded trolley sleeve, this laptop backpack provides the utmost comfort. 
[The Signature 2.0 Lite with Antimicrobial Liner is a great option for petite to average heights (4’9”- 5’9”)]
Dimensions: 11”L x 5.5”W x 17.5”H
Capacity: 18L
Water-bottle holders: Yes - external
Maximum laptop size: 15-inch laptop  
Colors: Pebbled Black, Track Stone, Track Black 
Shop the Signature 2.0 Lite Backpack with Antimicrobial Liner

BEST FOR BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS | Signature 2.0 Backpack with Antimicrobial Liner

The Signature 2.0 Backpack with Antimicrobial Liner is one of the best computer bags for men and women. It’s slightly smaller than the Signature 2.0 Plus and larger than the Signature 2.0 Lite–making it just right for many business professionals. 
Like much of the Signature Collection, the Signature 2.0 Backpack with Antimicrobial Liner showcases VESSEL’s premium faux leather. This material is engineered to be durable, water-resistant, easy-to-clean, and so much lighter than genuine leather. Plus, this material is cruelty free! Along with high-quality YKK zippers and antimicrobial lining, this laptop backpack is handcrafted for the daily grind. 
To keep your notebooks, chargers, and stationary organized, the Signature 2.0 is equipped with several internal pockets. These include: two mesh pockets, a velour-lined pocket, an antimicrobial-lined pocket, and a nylon slip. Of course, no work bag would be complete without a place to store your laptop. This backpack showcases a padded laptop compartment that fits up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Other crucial storage includes a front zip pocket, anti-theft side pockets, and a bottom compartment that is recommended for shoes. 
Dimensions: 12.5”L x 6”W x 18”H
Capacity: 22L 
Water-bottle holders: Yes - internal
Maximum laptop size: 16-inch laptop  
Colors: Track Stone, Track Black 
Shop the Signature 2.0 Backpack with Antimicrobial Liner


The Skyline Hybrid Backpack can be used for various activities and has multiple carrying options. This 2-in-1 backpack tote is a sleek and durable must-have for those that need a multipurpose backpack.
It makes for a great daypack because of its ability to interchange between styles. Use it like a traditional backpack by utilizing the backpack straps. When you want to use the bag as a tote, simply stow the straps away in the back slip.
Like the Skyline Backpack, the Skyline Hybrid features VSL Nylon that is durable, abrasion- and weather-resistant, and very flexible. This expandable material enables you to maximize your carrying capacity. It also comes in handy when storing the bag on public transportation like buses, trains, and airplanes.
To keep all your gear organized, the Skyline Hybrid is designed with convenient external storage. These include: two side pockets, a front zippered pocket, and 3 other small pockets. Inside the main compartment, the Skyline Hybrid features a laptop sleeve that fits up to a 15-inch laptop and four internal pockets for valuables. As you go from the office to the gym, from the gym to the grocery store, the Skyline Hybrid transitions effortlessly between tasks.
Dimensions: 10”W x 5.5”D x 17.5”H
Capacity: 15L 
Water-bottle holders: Yes - external 
Maximum laptop size: 15-inch laptop
Colors: Black, Navy, Grey, Sand

BEST UNISEX BRIEFCASE | Signature 2.0 Briefcase with Antimicrobial Liner

If you prefer the look of a messenger bag, the Signature 2.0 Briefcase is the elevated version of this classic style. This laptop bag is highly recommended for those that need the functionality of a briefcase or messenger bag, but want a style that is current with 2022. 
 It features a similar structured silhouette but is trimmed down for a minimalist look. The Signature 2.0 Briefcase with Antimicrobial Liner is handcrafted with premium faux leather, plush antimicrobial material, and durable zippers. These high-quality materials shield your important documents and electronics from the outside elements while fending off bacteria growth inside the bag. 
For easy access, the Signature 2.0 Briefcase is designed with a 220-degree wrap-around zipper that reveals a spacious main compartment. Within this compartment, there are several slip pockets, a velour-lined pocket, and pen holders. For your laptop or iPad, there is a separate laptop compartment that is lined and padded. 
With padded top handles and a removable shoulder strap, the Signature 2.0 Briefcase can be carried in multiple ways. Carry this laptop briefcase by hand, over your shoulder, or with the back panel that doubles as a trolley sleeve.
Dimensions: 15.75”L x 4.5”W x 12”H 
Capacity: 14L 
Water-bottle holders: No
Maximum laptop size: 15-inch laptop
Colors: Pebbled Black, Pebbled Grey, Track Black 


For a classic, feminine laptop bag, try the Skyline Lux Tote. This carryall tote bag is perfect for day-to-day use. Its versatile look completes any workday ensemble but easily pairs with casual weekend looks as well. The luxe exterior showcases beautiful, crosshatch-embossed vegan leather and minimal metal hardware. The main compartment has a wide top opening for easy packing. Inside, you can easily stack notebooks, stationary, extra layers, toiletries, and more. There are several internal pockets that make it easy to stay organized throughout the day. There is one large interior zip pocket, one microfiber lined valuables pocket, one water bottle holder, two slip pockets, and a key clip. No more having to dig through your bag for essential items like your keys or wallet! And of course, there is room to store your laptop or tablet. 
[If you always lose your wallet, pair the Skyline Lux Tote with its matching cardholder. This Leather Zippered Wallet has a keyring that clips onto the key clip!]
Dimensions: 12.25"H x 14"W x 5"D
Capacity: 14L 
Water-bottle holders: Yes - internal
Maximum laptop size: 15.6-inch laptop
Colors: Crosshatch Black, Crosshatch Natural, Crosshatch Maroon

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