Quality, Craftstmanship, Customer Value

Quality, Craftstmanship, Customer Value

2021 | 2 min read  

Designed in California

As a southern California brand, we’ve created a signature style of sleek silhouettes and unique color palettes all influenced by our coast, deserts, mountain ranges, and cityscapes. Our initial design process is not only inspired by our remarkable home, it relies heavily on locals and culture. From the professional golfer looking for a reliable golf bag, to the entrepreneur in need of an everyday work bag, we are attentive to the needs of those closest to home. Being state-side allows us to quickly identify the needs of driven individuals and swiftly meet their needs. 

Sourcing Components from Various Markets

After creating countless blueprints for each product, our U.S. team works collaboratively with international partners to source the best materials. Each and every component is carefully evaluated by our U.S. team to ensure the highest quality. Then, the crafting process begins in the hands of our skillful, international team. With decades of experience, our international team expertly transforms raw materials into the framework of our premium bags. 

A Proven Process | How is this beneficial for customers? 

The process for crafting our luxury bags is long and intentional. From refining design details to bringing sketches to fruition, there are countless steps and revisions before the final product.  

The beauty of collaborating with different partners enables us to combine our knowledge with worldwide experts whilst comparing hundreds of material options during the design process. This broad scope allows us to compare the highest quality materials at competitive prices in order to deliver the most premium products. It not only guarantees luxury-performance quality for our loyal wearers, but provides an enjoyable customer experience. 

Quality-Assured in California 

Attention to detail is the number one priority in our design and craftsmanship processes. After the initial framework is fabricated, our luxury products reach the hands of our talented assembly team in Carlsbad, CA, for final assembly. Down to the last stitch, rivet, and zipper--every product is thoroughly inspected by our U.S. assembly team. With a fresh set of eyes, we are able to carefully monitor the quality of each item at this final stage of the manufacturing process. This rigorous assessment ensures the caliber of product expected by professionals, athletes, and jetsetters worldwide.

The advantage of this final step is more than just creating stable jobs for Southern Californians--it provides the opportunity to create reliable products that our wearers depend on. 

Adding the Final Touch

Our goal to craft your favorite bag can only be achieved with a touch of personalization. With in-house embroidery and engraving services, you can effortlessly create a bag that showcases your unique style. We offer hundreds of thread colors and various embroidery fonts to allow us to bring your vision to life.

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