Here’s why Women’s Backpacks Are on the Rise

Here’s why Women’s Backpacks Are on the Rise

Backpacks have graduated from grade-school and are making their way into the working, adult world. However, they’re not only overtaking closets of business professionals--this movement has become widespread amongst commuters, avid travelers, and moms on-the-go. Since 2015, there’s been a desire for “women’s backpacks”, and this trend has continued into the present day. This is likely correlated to the rise in telecommuting, travel, and growing fascination with “wanderlust” lifestyles. With more ladies on the hunt for the perfect, every-day backpack, designers are challenged to create classic yet practical designs that fit every woman’s needs. 

We’re looking at why more women are using ladies’ backpacks: 


For the working woman that is constantly running between home, the office, and abroad, it is essential to have a carry bag with ample space. This is why many female CEOs, entrepreneurs, and working professionals have attested to leaving their traditional handbags behind for functional, women’s backpacks for work. It is crucial for working professionals to safely transport a laptop, gym clothes, water bottle, notebooks, cosmetics, hygiene products, etc., throughout the day. With lives that can be busy and hectic, power-house businesswomen need carry bags that are as dynamic as they are. Backpacks allow an easy way to oscillate between work tasks and personal life.

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For ladies that frequently use public transportation, women’s travel backpacks provide convenient, hands-free mobility. Juggling a cell phone, coffee, breakfast, and transport tickets through crowded areas is nearly impossible unless both hands are free. Whilst purses are carried on one shoulder, leaving you unbalanced and constantly readjusting, backpacks eliminate hassle by distributing weight across your back. This also alleviates shoulder and back strain which has a lasting effect on your overall health.  Ladies’ backpacks offer the capability to store all daily necessities in case making quick trips home is not an option. This allows commuters to easily pack everything needed for the day, without having to carry multiple bags for their daily tasks. Prime X Backpack

It’s also no secret that travel backpacks for women are more secure than most purses. They minimize the chance of items falling out and prevent sticky fingers from reaching in for valuables. Many women’s travel backpacks can be secured further with a lock, and give you peace of mind while on your daily commute.


For moms on-the-go, backpacks allow for hands-free mobility to ensure that not only are all items stored away safely, but the option to carry the kiddos or push them along in a stroller, can be done with ease.  “Mommy backpacks” store all items needed for running errands and every knick knack to entertain children throughout the day. Additionally, most backpacks have more compartments and pockets than many purse styles, so it’s easier to organize all snacks, diapers, extra clothes, and miscellaneous items. Skyline Hybrid backpack Stylish backpacks are replacing conventional baby bags because they don’t scream “diaper bag”, and can even be repurposed for other work or leisure activities as needed. 


Backpacks for women have proven to be more ergonomic than other carry bags. Their ability to evenly distribute weight across your back ensures that muscle imbalances don’t occur. Physicians recommend backpacks over most bags because they are better on your back muscles, shoulders, and spine. It’s important to note that the shoulder straps on backpacks tend to be more padded than purses and totes, so if you’re in need of a comfortable and ergonomic carry bag, backpacks are optimal. Women’s backpacks are also better for walking since you’re able to freely swing your arms without affecting your natural gait pattern. 


Rather than juggling multiple bags for different occasions, environments, and needs, backpacks can serve as a “carry-all” bag. There’s no need to carry separate totes, cross-bodies, and messenger bags when you have a go-to backpack in your wardrobe. This can alleviate the stress of constantly swapping between bags and losing items in the process. Ladies’ backpacks can hold all necessities for the day, and ensure that you’re ready for anything. Whether you’re a big-city or small-town gal, backpacks are appropriate in any location, and supplement numerous types of lifestyles. 


For the fashionistas that stay current with the latest trends, “athleisure” is a popular style that’s still going strong in 2020. It’s common to see women’s tracksuits and sneakers accompanied by backpacks, and this is for a number of reasons. Workplaces are adopting more casual and functional fashion rather than traditional, formal office wear. This has warranted the growing popularity of women’s backpacks whose multi-purposes and functions complement the athleisure style. More women have adopted this type of dress because not only is it comfortable, but it allows them to focus on tasks rather than fidgeting with their restricting clothing or handbags. Carboon Black Prime X BACKPACKAs stated earlier, the rise in telecommuting has contributed to the increase in women’s backpack usage because women on-the-go have found that backpacks are more efficient and stress-free. 


You’re probably wondering -- “Why are there women-specific backpacks?” These general, widely-accepted phrases, "Women's Backpacks" and "Men's Backpacks" are utilized to quickly categorize products. But really, anyone can wear whatever they want. However, designers typically create women’s backpacks with narrower shoulder bases and straps. The overall sizes of ladies’ backpacks tend to be smaller as well. This allows the backpack to contour the back better, and accommodate ladies with smaller frames. The padded shoulder straps are cut in a way to be mindful of the average heights for women. Aside from aesthetics, it’s important to find the perfectly-sized backpack to prevent chafing and bruising on the shoulders, back, and underarms. Just like any other piece of clothing should be suitable for your body proportions, your backpack would be no different. 

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