How to Choose the Right Golf Bag + Frequently Asked Golf Gear Questions

How to Choose the Right Golf Bag + Frequently Asked Golf Gear Questions

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There may not be a clear answer for the “best golf bag", but there is a style that is best for you. The challenging part is knowing where to start. We’re highlighting all the pros and cons of popular golf bag styles. We’ll also be covering some frequently asked questions and golf bag recommendations.

GOLF STAND BAGS | Designed for golfers that walk the course
A golf stand bag might be for you if…. 
✓You need something lightweight
✓You need something easy to carry
✓You pack minimal golf gear
✓You like the option to interchange between a single and double strap 
✓You like multiple options for club divider and organization
NOT if… 
✗ You use/ride a golf cart frequently

What is a Golf Stand Bag
A golf stand bag, also known as a “golf carry bag”, is a style of golf bag that features retractable legs that hold the bag upright. The reinforcing legs stand the golf bag at a 45 degree angle, which helps to keep gear stable on bumpy surfaces. 
Golf stand bags are one of the lightest types of golf bags available. These lightweight golf bags typically weigh between 5-7 pounds. This provides a comfortable, lightweight carry for golfers or their caddy throughout a long day of golfing
For added comfort, most stand bags come with a double strap. This strap enables players to carry the bag like a backpack. It evenly distributes the weight of the bag. It also prevents unnecessary strain and fatigue while walking the golf course. Sometimes, golf stand bags will have the option to choose between a single strap or dual strap. [Check out the Best Golf Stand Bags below. Read about the interchangeable strap!] 

Golf Stand Bags are Recommended for…
Golf carry bags are recommended for golfers that often walk the golf course instead of using an electric, gas, or push cart. Because most golf stand bags are equipped with a backpack-style shoulder strap or single single strap, players can effortlessly walk the course with their essential golf equipment. This style is a top choice for the “minimalist” golfer that does not tend to pack a lot of gear. It is also perfect for the “weekend golfer that only finds themselves on the course every once in a while.

What to Look For in a Golf Stand Bag
Durability and functionality
High-quality materials 
✓ Room for a full-set of golf clubs 
Ample storage space (ball pocket, apparel pocket, rangefinder pocket, etc.)
Full-length dividers in 6-way or 14-way top options 
✓ Well-designed top handle and front grab handle
Water-resistant rain hood 
Towel ring or place to put a golf towel 
Umbrella holder

1) Can you put a stand bag on a golf cart?  
Yes, it is possible. However, this is not recommended. Although the stand legs are very durable, they can still dent from metal cart beds. These dents will prevent the stand legs from properly opening and closing.
2) Why is it not recommended to put golf stand bags on a golf cart or push cart?
Golf stand bags and carry bags are intentionally-designed for golfers that walk the course. You can be cautious when storing a stand bag on a golf cart, but there is still a chance of damaging the stand legs. If you’re looking for a style that you can always use on a golf cart, then a cart bag is recommended. 
3) Do VESSEL Golf Stand Bags have full length dividers that are fully-enclosed? 
Most VESSEL Golf Stand Bags have fully-enclosed, full-length dividers. To double-check, you can click into the product’s web page and scroll down to the “Top Size” details. This portion describes the top dimensions, number of dividers, and whether or not the top has fully-enclosed, full-length dividers
4) Do VESSEL stand bags come with a double or single strap?
Most VESSEL stand bags come with an Equilibrium 2.0 Double Strap. This interchangeable strap can be converted into a single strap. If you would like to purchase a separate single strap, they can be found here
5) How do you fix a broken zipper or pocket on a golf stand bag?
If there is an issue with your golf stand bag, please contact our customer service email at: Include a detailed description of the problem and attach images. Our team will quickly assess the matter and respond with the best solution. 
6) How do you fix broken stand legs?
Sometimes this matter can be resolved at home. We recommend first contacting our customer service at: so our team can send you a new pair of stand legs with repair instructions. Or, our team will help coordinate a return, repair, or replacement--this is dependent on how severe the issue is. 

GOLF CART BAGS | Designed for golf cart users and riders
A golf cart bag might be for you if….
✓You use a push cart or ride on an electric golf cart 
✓You need extra storage space for more golf equipment
NOT if...
✗You mostly walk the golf course
✗You prefer to keep your bag nearby when you tee off or putt

What is a Golf Cart Bag
Golf cart bags are typically larger than stand bags and are specifically-designed to be stored on a golf cart. This bag style weighs about 6-8lbs and fits easily on a push cart, gas golf cart, or electric cart. Golf cart bags are usually designed with front-facing pockets to provide easy-access to golf equipment while the bag is strapped into the cart. This style of bag typically features a single strap with no stand mechanism. This is because they are not intended to be carried for long periods of time. 

Golf Cart Bags are Recommended for…
Cart bags are the top suggestion for golfers that frequently use a push cart or electric golf cart. They are also highly-recommended for golfers that want more storage space than a stand bag has to offer. 

What to Look For in a Golf Cart Bag
High-quality materials 
Forward-facing pockets (ball pocket, rangefinder pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket) 
Functional storage space (apparel pockets, insulated cooler pocket, water bottle holder)
Cart strap pass for the cart strap
✓ Well-designed top handles 
Water-resistant rain hood 
Towel ring or place to put a golf towel 
Umbrella holder

1) Do VESSEL cart bags fit on a golf cart? 
Yes, VESSEL golf cart bags are intentionally designed for golf carts. The size fits comfortably on the bed of a golf cart and the pocket layout makes it easy to access gear. 
2) Can you walk the course with a golf cart bag?
It is possible to walk the golf course, but it is not recommended. Since this bag is larger, heavier, and typically comes with a single strap, it is not as comfortable to carry for long distances.
3) Do VESSEL Golf Cart Bags have full length dividers that are fully-enclosed? 
Yes, Vessel Golf Cart Bags have fully-enclosed, full-length dividers.
4) Do VESSEL cart bags come with a double or single strap? 
VESSEL cart bags come with a single strap. On the back of the cart bags, there is a small, cross-strap that secures the single strap when not in use. 

A golf staff bag might be for you if…. 
✓You need a lot of extra space for golf equipment 
✓You plan to use the bag for advertising opportunities
✓You often have a caddy or use a golf cart 
NOT if… 
✗ You want a lightweight bag
✗ You walk the course without a caddy

What is a Golf Staff Bag
A golf staff bag, also known as a  “staff tour bag”, is typically used by professional golfers. It is popular amongst PGA and LPGA golfers because of the maximized storage and large side panels used for advertising. Although this bag type is the most traditional, it’s important to note that staff bags are the largest and heaviest style of bag on the market--weighing around 10-12 pounds. After adding clubs and extra gear, you’re looking upwards of 40 pounds. However, if you’re an avid golfer or typically spend all day on the course, the extra weight may be worth it. 

Golf Staff Bags are Recommended for…
Aside from professional golfers and teaching pros, golf staff bags are recommended for players that have a caddy. Because of its excess weight, it can get strenuous to carry a heavy staff bag without the help of a caddy. Staff golf bags are also recommended for those that pack a lot of gear and golf accessories. They are an excellent option for players that need to be prepared for any kind of weather or those that spend numerous hours golfing. It can store more than enough gear needed for long days, tournaments, and playing while traveling.

What to Look For in a Golf Staff Bag
Durability and functionality
High-quality materials 
Ample storage space (ball pocket, apparel pocket, rangefinder pocket, etc.)
Full-length dividers in 6-way or 14-way top options 
✓ Well-designed carry handles 
Rain hood 
Towel ring or place to put a golf towel 
Umbrella holder

1) Will a staff bag fit on a golf cart? 
Yes, VESSEL staff bags can fit on an electric, gas, or push golf cart. But keep in mind that you will lose access to the large pocket that faces inward on the cart. It is also important to note that a golf staff bag may be too large for most golf cart beds. The snug fit on the cart can leave unnecessary scuffs on the material and accelerate wear and tear. 
2) What kind of carry strap do VESSEL Staff Bags come with? 
VESSEL golf staff bags come with a padded, single strap. This is a classic type of strap for staff bags. However, if you prefer a double strap carry, we offer a Golf Bag Tour Strap. This separate attachment helps to achieve the “backpack” style carry you’re looking for. 
3) Can you walk the course with a golf staff bag?
It is possible to walk the golf course, but it is not recommended. Since this bag is large, heavy, and typically comes with a single strap, it is not as comfortable to carry for long distances.
4) Do VESSEL Golf Staff Bags have full length dividers that are fully-enclosed? 
Yes, Vessel Golf Staff Bags have fully-enclosed, full-length dividers.
5) Do VESSEL cart bags come with a double or single strap? 
VESSEL staff bags come with a single strap. If you prefer a dual strap carry, you can swap out the single strap for a staff bag double strap or add on a tour strap
6) What is the difference between a staff bag and a mini staff bag?
A full-sized staff bag has more storage room and oftentimes has a larger top size for extra clubs. The overall size of a staff bag is larger than a mini golf staff bag

1) Does the micro-suede synthetic leather on VESSEL bags get scuffed or stained easily? 
Our tour-grade, micro-suede synthetic leather has been proven to be very durable. This material was engineered to be durable enough for avid golfers and tour players. The lifetime of your bag will come down to how you treat and care for it over time. 
2) Is the VESSEL synthetic leather easy to clean?
Yes, this micro-suede synthetic leather is easy to clean. It is coated with a water- and abrasion-resistant finish that ensures quick clean-up. Simply use a damp towel with warm water and soap. If you need a deeper clean, a magic eraser will do the trick.  
3) Are VESSEL bags waterproof? 
VESSEL bags are not waterproof, but they are highly water-resistant. Your valuables will be kept dry during a rainy round of golf. It is important to note that your bag should be wiped down and dried after being out in the rain. This will help prevent mildew and unpleasant odors. 
4) Will the bags discolor over time?
VESSEL bags hold up well over time. It is unlikely that they will discolor from the sun or any other environmental factors. However, if you store your bag outside for days or weeks at a time, there will be a slight color change. 
5) What are full-length dividers? Do I need these? 
Club dividers are the sections at the top of the golf bag. They provide a simple way to organize golf clubs. Full-length dividers are sewn into the inner walls of the golf bag. These individual sections prevent clubs from getting tangled. You do not need full-length dividers, but they prevent unnecessary wear and tear on expensive club grips and shafts.
6) Are golf headcovers necessary? 
Golf headcovers are not necessary, but highly recommended. Golf clubs are susceptible to damage when you walk or ride on a golf cart. This causes unnecessary nicks and scuffs that could affect the performance of the club and eventually devalue them. If you plan to use them for years to come or maybe resell them one day, it’s best to maintain their condition. To protect your investment for years to come, it’s crucial to have quality golf club headcovers
7) How can I prevent a cart strap from damaging my golf bag? 
The easiest way to prevent scuffs or damage to your golf bag is by using a cart strap sleeve. This padded sleeve adds a barrier between your golf bag and the abrasive cart strap
8) How do I transport my golf gear while I travel? 
The easiest way to transport your golf bag and gear while you travel, is by using a golf travel case. This style of travel bag covers your entire golf bag with golf clubs and makes it easy to roll around while you’re on-the-go. 
9) What are golf alignment sticks
Golf alignment sticks, or tour sticks, are slender rods that typically measure between 36-46 inches. Golfers use them as a visual aid to learn how to properly align their body and club face relative to their target. Oftentimes, golfers will keep a pair of alignment sticks in their golf bag. This essential training tool assists during training drills to improve a full swing and help with short-game skills like putting and chipping. Essentially, alignment sticks can be used to refine so many techniques and skills needed for an overall great golf game. Because of this training tool’s versatility, golfers of all levels can benefit from using golf alignment sticks

Best Golf Bags 2021

[Stand Bags]
For anyone that walks the golf course, it is no secret that a fully-loaded golf stand bag can feel heavy and almost burdensome by the back nine. Or you’ve come across the opposite dilemma of carrying a stand bag that is too small to actually be functional. Your golf bag shouldn’t take your focus away from the game. Whether it’s a Sunday bag or full-featured stand, it’s important to find the best golf stand bag that suits your playing style. Walking golfers should look for the ideal balance of functionality, storage capacity, organization, and comfort in a carry stand bag

Player III Stand Bag

One the best stand bags on the market is the Player III Stand Bag. This vegan leather golf stand bag is lighter and more durable than a traditional genuine leather bag. It is crafted with lightweight, tour-grade synthetic leather and high-quality, waterproof zippers. These premium materials are water-resistant and low-maintenance which makes clean-up easy and painless after each use. Whether you’re golfing in the desert, by the beach, or in the rain, the Player III is equipped for whatever your round brings. 
This lightweight stand bag is offered in a 6-way and 14-way divider top. Both top options are designed with an angled top to accommodate driver and putter hang. The interior is lined with plush microfiber and equipped with fully-enclosed, full-length dividers. These premium details ensure that your expensive golf clubs do not get tangled within the bag and prevent excess wear and tear. 
The Player III barely tips the scale at 6 pounds yet provides ample storage for a full set of golf clubs and all gear essentials. It’s a full-featured stand bag that doesn’t weigh you down. 
This stand bag showcases 10 total pockets that include: 

  • 1 large apparel pocket 
  • 1 zippered, side pocket 
  • 2 external, waterproof antimicrobial-lined valuables pockets
  • 2 magnetic, thermal-lined water bottle pockets
  • 1 antimicrobial-lined magnetic rangefinder pocket
  • 1 large ball pocket with mesh sleeves for tees
  • 1 internal, lockable, antimicrobial-lined valuables pocket
  • 1 internal, mesh glove pocket

With plenty of storage options, you can dedicate pockets to: golf balls, tees, gloves, water bottles, extra apparel, small accessories, and more. You can personalize your gear organization to be the most efficient for your playing needs.
Storage space is definitely important, but there isn’t much use for a stand bag if it does not have a reliable base and strap system. The Player III features a redesigned, patented Rotator Stand System with carbon fiber legs to provide maximum stability. These lightweight, durable stand legs quickly deploy when the bag is set on the ground. Their strength-to-weight ratio is quite impressive considering the legs weigh less than a pound but provide enough support for a full set of clubs
The Player III Stand also features an updated version of the patented EQ2 Shoulder Strap and compression-molded hip pad. These ergonomic, backpack-style shoulder straps contain a pivot mechanism that continuously adjusts to your natural gait. The padded back panel offers a comfortable, breathable carry. While you’re walking on the course, you’ll hardly realize it’s there. Other intentionally-designed features include a padded, genuine leather front and top grab handle to allow you to quickly grab your bag and be onto the next hole. Complete with a matching rain hood, umbrella holder, and dual bottle opener/ towel ring, this stand bag has it all. 
As an added bonus, the Player III Stand Bag can be personalized on not one--but three panels! You can create the perfect, personalized golf stand bag by adding your name, club crest, company logo, etc. 

VLX Stand Bag

The VLX stand bag has truly raised the standard for performance-luxury. It is crafted with premium vegan leather, waterproof zippers, and genuine leather trims for a finish that is both luxurious and durable. If you’re looking for an ultralight stand bag, you (or your caddie) will be happy to hear that the VLX weighs only 4.65 pounds. This lightweight stand bag is slightly larger than a classic sunday bag and significantly smaller than a full-featured stand bag. It has a meticulously-crafted silhouette with minimal exposed seams and rivets for a sleek aesthetic. 
The VLX Stand Bag presents a 4-way top with 4 fully-enclosed, full-length mesh club dividers. This helps to easily organize a complete set of clubs. Like the Player III, the VLX stand bag is designed with a slightly-angled top to account for driver and putter hang. The dividers are lined with premium mesh to provide the padding needed for expensive clubs and grips.
The VLX champions a minimalist design, so it only features the most essential pockets. These include: 
-dual, saddlebag-style apparel pockets
-a magnetic, water bottle cooler pocket
-an interior, velour-lined valuables pocket 
-and a magnetic, velour-lined rangefinder pocket
With the VLX stand bag, you can still carry everything you need without being bogged down by extra weight. 
The VLX comes with key elements that include: an Equilibrium 2.0 Double Strap (dual strap), matching rain hood, dual-purpose bottle opener/towel ring, and hook-and-loop umbrella holder. These small, functional features truly make a difference. Despite this stand bag’s trim frame, the VLX checks off every walking golfer’s checklist-- making it the ultimate golf carry bag
The VLX Stand Bag can also be personalized on the ball and side apparel pockets. Add personalization and create a unique golf bag

Other brands that offer great options are: Taylormade, Ogio, Callaway, Titleist, Mizuno, Nike, Izzo, Cobra, and Sun Mountain. 

[Golf Cart Bags]
For golfers that frequently use an electric cart or push cart, finding a premium cart bag is must. It’s crucial to look for an appropriately-sized bag with functional pockets. 

Luv XV Golf Cart Bag

When looking for the best golf cart bags, you won’t come across a better one than the Lux XV Cart Bag. This utility-driven cart bag is mindfully crafted for optimal performance on a golf cart or trolley. It showcases tour-grade synthetic leather with a smooth, matte finish and TPR-coated top handles for added durability. 
The Lux XV is aptly named for its fifteen full-length, fully-enclosed club dividers that include a dedicated putter well. Each golf club can get a designated spot which helps with club organization. The top of the bag showcases a TPR-coated, large putter well. This accommodates jumbo grips, oversized putters, and accounts for putter hang. 
This luxury cart bag is equipped with thoughtfully designed pockets. The Lux XV features 8 total pockets. These include: a forward-facing zip pocket, magnetic rangefinder pocket and ball pocket. The most notable is the upper, magnetic pocket pod. The pocket pod snaps over a cart strap. It creates a pass-through for the strap whilst providing quick-access to your ball markers, golf balls, and other small items. Additional storage space includes: a velour-lined valuables pocket, large apparel pocket, insulated cooler pocket and more. With this purposeful organization, you will never worry about accessing important gear on-the-go. Complete with a matching rain cover, padded shoulder strap, and golf cart strap sleeve, the Lux XV checks off all the boxes. This is a great bag for avid golfers that enjoy using a cart.

[Golf Staff Bags]
Lux LE Midsize Staff Bag

The Lux LE Midsize Staff Bag has created a category all of its own as it boasts all the functionality of top-level cart bags with the bold styling of tour-proven staff bags. This VESSEL Cart Bag features intuitive organization such as a front-facing ball pocket, magnetic pocket, and zippered pocket. These are ideal for storing items you’ll need quick-access to when the bag is strapped to a cart. The Lux LE Midsize staff is also equipped with dual magnetic water bottle holders and an insulated cooler pocket to ensure you have enough hydration for a full day on the golf course. For storing extra layers, golf shoes, and small accessories, this tour staff bag features: two valuables pockets, two apparel pockets, two personal pockets, and more. You won’t run out of storage for your most essential golf accessories. 
Because it is crucial to protect your expensive golf clubs, the Lux LE Midsize Staff is designed with a 6-way top that is reinforced with a steel ring and wrapped in premium microfiber. The top is fitted with full-length dividers which help prevent wear and tear on golf clubs, alignment sticks, and other training tools. Every golfer has their own way of organizing their gear, and this tour staff bag provides the ease and accessibility needed for a relaxing round. 
This golf tour bag is handmade with the finest quality vegan leather, waterproof zippers, and genuine leather touchpoints. Not only does the Lux LE Midsize Staff offer exceptional style, but it provides superior durability. This staff tour bag  also comes with a padded single strap for a traditional carry that you or your bag boy will enjoy. You can even pair this single strap with a tour strap or replace it with a double strap for a more ergonomic carry.  The Lux LE Midsize is complete with a matching rain hood, umbrella sleeve, and towel ring /bottle opener. Down to the smallest detail, this golf staff bag covers everything you need. 

Other brands that offer great options are: Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, Mizuno, Sun Mountain. Srixon, and Mavrik.

Prodigy Staff Bag
The Prodigy Staff Bag is by far the most popular Vessel Mini Staff Bag for professional golfers and avid players. Its compact yet spacious size is perfect for traveling to golf tournaments. This style features a 6-way top reinforced with a steel ring that is wrapped in premium microfiber. With this structural support, your clubs are protected from rough handling by airlines. From the top to the bottom of the bag, this mini staff showcases high-quality materials and expert construction. 
Although the Prodigy is a mini staff golf bag, it provides ample storage space. It showcases ten external pockets that include: three personal pockets, two apparel pockets, a magnetic rangefinder pocket, and more. Everything you need for an upcoming golf tournament or weekend golf getaway, has a place in one of many pockets. 
Because tour pros and avid golfers need a reliable golf bag, the Prodigy is crafted with tour-grade synthetic leather, waterproof zippers, and genuine leather pulls. These materials are known for their durability, weather resistance, and color fastness. Plus, this faux leather is extremely easy-to-clean so you can keep your bag looking sharp throughout your tournament, event, or golf vacation. 
The Prodigy Mini Staff Bag comes with a padded single strap, all-weather rain hood, umbrella sleeve, and gunmetal towel ring. To complete this staff mini bag, golfers can add their name, initials, logo, etc. to the removable belly panel.

Prime Staff Bag

The VESSEL Prime Staff Bag is the most popular full-featured staff bag and can often be seen on the LPGA and PGA Tour. From its sleek, modern silhouette to its functional storage features, this tour staff bag is exactly what a passionate golfer needs to elevate their game. The exterior of this luxury golf bag is made from tour-grade synthetic leather and waterproof zippers. These high-quality materials provide a weather- and abrasion-resistant finish to ensure the highest level of performance. Because this material is also fade-resistant and easy-to-clean, it is a very popular choice for those that need to keep their gear looking pristine.
This tour-trusted golf bag has room for all the necessary golf gear needed for tournaments, events, and more. It features a large belly panel, two apparel pockets, and five other essential compartments for miscellaneous golf equipment. There are two magnetic pockets that make the ideal storage space for golf balls, tees, gloves, and/or a rangefinder. One of the most notable features are the external water bottle holders which professional and avid golfers say are crucial. No time is wasted digging for hydration or important golf items because every pocket provides quick-access.

The Prime Staff Bag features a 6-way top that is reinforced with a steel ring and wrapped in premium velour. It is coupled with full-length dividers to ensure that expensive golf clubs and grips are not damaged. The top of the bag is also equipped with two grab handles for easy handling. Your caddy will appreciate these convenient handles as well as the padded single strap.
To be ready for any kind of weather, this staff bag includes an all-weather rain hood, concealed umbrella sleeve, and a towel ring / bottle opener. Of course, no tour staff bag would be complete without personalization on the front belly panel. The Prime Staff Bag is highly recommended for avid players that demand the most out of their golf equipment.

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