Inspiration Behind the Signature Collection

Inspiration Behind the Signature Collection

For winter 2015, we experimented with fabrics, cuts and silhouettes to create a Signature collection that stays true to our mission, while simultaneously pushing us forward into new territory. The collection was built around four pillars that cover your daily essential and standout pieces, while staying subtle, high quality and uniquely yours.

For me, the vision is always the same: enhance the carry experience – whether it’s through premium material, comfort of straps, or the ease of zippers. The minimalist aesthetic of the bag’s exterior and the sophisticated organization in the interior is a testament to that. My team and I poured our time and energy into creating a product that will protect daily essentials – laptops, iPads, keys, etc. – while reflecting your personal style.

There is profound beauty in pure designs and efficiency. True simplicity is so much more than the way something looks; it’s the entire experience. It’s not about shaving off everything that’s not necessary, but more about rethinking and realigning the purpose and function of every element and detail. This is seen in the clean, elegant, and understated treatments of Vessel branding on our bags, too.

The Signature bags kick off our first-ever off-course, everyday collection. To create a lineup that’s brand new and authentic, we had to completely reevaluate the purpose and essence of our products. We leveraged all the techniques we’ve learned from past bag collections, while dreaming up the most inspiring and minimal representation of our brand in backpack, duffle, and briefcase forms. The Signature collection is unique in that it reflects the spirit of Vessel in both design and functionality, while the upcoming Refined and Pure collections take on more classic, tried-and-true silhouettes that are stripped to their purest form.


We are all uniquely created. The ability to be able to show off our individuality by creating a one-of-a-kind bag is truly special. That’s why every product we make, we not only put our take on how to shape, materialize and design the product, we extend that control to all our customers through our Design Lab, allowing them to customize their bag on their own.

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