Introducing the Lux XV 2.0: Where Form Meets Function in Golf Bag Engineering

Introducing the Lux XV 2.0: Where Form Meets Function in Golf Bag Engineering

VESSEL is thrilled to introduce the Lux XV 2.0, a groundbreaking cart bag that exemplifies the fusion of form and function in golf bag engineering. This revolutionary golf bag is poised to revolutionize the way golfers experience the game by seamlessly integrating ultimate organization, superior protection, and remarkable performance features. Let's delve into what makes the Lux XV 2.0 a game-changer in the world of golf bags.

White, Black, and grey golf cart bags in large warehouse

Ultimate Organization

The Lux XV 2.0 is the epitome of ultimate organization, ensuring that every facet of your golf gear and club collection is meticulously arranged for a seamless round of golf. Notably, the standout feature of this bag is the optional Golf Club Organizer, a game-changing accessory that offers maximum club protection and organization.

Golf Club Organizer: With individual club slots designed to accommodate up to 9 golf clubs, this custom-fit design ensures each club is securely in place during transport or when traversing rugged terrains. The addition of small magnets in each slot prevents annoying rattling and protects your clubs from potential damage.

Overhead shot of club tray organizer with a full set of clubs attached to a black leather golf cart bag

Ride Without Limits

This cart bag was meticulously crafted with three primary objectives in mind: superior cart strap protection, easy access to pockets while on a cart, and a robust build to withstand the rigors of any golf course terrain.

Cart Strap Protection: The Lux XV 2.0 features a cart strap pass-through, which shields the bag's exterior from wear and tear caused by cart straps. For additional protection, a Cart Strap Sleeve is included, adding an extra layer of security.

Black leather cart bag on the back of a black golf cart with a while golf cart bag next to it

Forward-Facing Pockets: All pockets on the Lux XV 2.0 are thoughtfully positioned forward-facing for effortless access while on a cart. Dual magnetic pockets offer swift access, allowing you to stay focused on your game.

15-Way Top: The bag's 15-way top includes a dedicated putter well with velour lining and 14 individual club slots with full-length dividers, providing a dedicated storage space for each club. No more tangled club heads or grip entanglements.

Performance Features

The Lux XV 2.0 goes beyond mere organization and protection; it also offers a host of performance-enhancing features to elevate your golfing experience.

Upper Magnetic Pocket Pod: This pocket pod securely attaches to a cart strap, offering easy access to a magnetic pocket lined with antimicrobial microfiber. Keep your essentials within arm's reach while maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

Close up magnetic pocket on black leather golf cart bag with phone sticking out

Cart Strap Sleeve Attachment: Each Lux XV 2.0 Cart bag includes a matching Cart Strap Sleeve for a secure fit onto the cart. Say goodbye to shifting bags during your rounds.

Velcro Attachment Straps: Additional attachment points ensure your golf bag remains flush against the cart, even on challenging terrains. No distractions, just a smooth ride.

Antimicrobial Personal Pockets: The personal pockets provide scratch-free, waterproof protection, with an antimicrobial lining for added sanitation. Your valuables stay safe and germ-free.

Interior Lock Pocket: Inside the garment compartment, discover the signature Interior Lock Pocket, complete with a combination lock. Secure your personal items with confidence.

Beverage Storage: Enjoy dual Bottle Sleeves and a large cooler pocket with insulation and drainage to keep beverages and snacks cold during your round. Stay refreshed and fueled.

Battery Pack Pouch: A lower pouch accommodates a battery pack for electric trolleys and conveniently houses the bag's single strap when not in use. Stay powered up without the clutter.

The Lux XV 2.0 sets an unprecedented standard for golf bag innovation, and it's available now to golfers who demand the best in performance and organization. Elevate your golfing experience with the Lux XV 2.0 - where form meets function on the golf course.

Features and Model Comparison

Lux XV 2.0

  • A utility cart bag with top-level organization for extended capacity.
  • 15-Way With Dedicated Putter Well
  • Weight: 8.45 lbs.
  • Forward-Facing Pockets: 4 Total
  • Side Storage: Three Pockets On Each Side
  • Velcro Strap Attachment: Yes
  • Golf Club Organizer Compatible: Yes

Lux Cart

  • Streamlined organization & a slimmed-down build for the essentials.
  • 7-Way & 14-Way Both With Dedicated Putter Well
  • Weight: 7-way | 6.7 lbs., 14-way | 6.95 lbs.
  • Forward-Facing Pockets: 3 Total
  • Side Storage: Two Pockets On Each Side
  • Velcro Strap Attachment: No
  • Golf Club Organizer Compatible: No

In the world of golf bags, the Lux XV 2.0 stands out as the pinnacle of innovation. It's more than a golf bag; it's a golfing companion designed to make your game more enjoyable, organized, and stress-free. Experience the Lux XV 2.0 difference today.

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