Rick Shiels Joins VESSEL Team at 2024 PGA Show Booth

Rick Shiels Joins VESSEL Team at 2024 PGA Show Booth

VESSEL started 2024 on an upward trajectory in 2024 by staging a successful showing at the 2024 PGA Merchandise Show. 

VESSEL branding on VESSEL booth at PGA Show

The PGA Merchandise Show takes place every January and offers manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their latest products to golf professionals, enthusiasts and the larger golf community. 

Side of VESSEL Booth at PGA Show

VESSEL occupied a prominent place on the floor and the entire VESSEL team was on hand to chat VESSEL's latest golf and lifestyle offerings. 

VESSEL debuted first looks at both the Player IV Air and Carbon Lux. Both carry bags remain unreleased and the PGA Show was the first opportunity for the golfing community to see these products before they are launched to the public.

Photo of spine of carbon lux bag

VESSEL also debuted the Kintsugi and Coral lines, two limited edition lines launching in the Spring. 

VESSEL's booth experienced a constant flow of traffic but no day was more exciting than when Rick Shiels stopped by for a meet and greet to chat with VESSEL fans and check out the new products for himself!

Rick Shiels at VESSEL PGA show booth

Rick Shiels takes a photo with a fan at PGA Show

signed drawstring bag by Rick Shiels

The VESSEL Team is excited to begin their year on such a wonderful note and is very much looking forward to the 2025 PGA Merchandise Show.

Photo of the VESSEL team with Rick Shiels at PGA Show in VESSEL booth

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