The Creativity of Design

The Creativity of Design

Vessel's revolutionary design lab is backed by the most premium material options. Our materials are carefully selected with structure, texture, and durability in mind. All our leathers are first in class suede microfiber backed synthetic leather, socially conscious and vegan friendly. Available in six beautiful textures.

Specific monitor calibration settings might effect the display of the colors, so we strongly have you look at the pantone colors for each material.


Simple, clean, and resilient high quality polyurethane. Our brushed texture is our most popular material featuring tiny elegant brushstrokes.


The classic and rich traditional leather embossed grain pattern.


Non-glossy finish matte leather creates a sophisticated and mysterious look. Often referred to as the “stealth” material.


Rich, carbon fibre patterned, and extremely wear-resistant polyurethane. Our carbon texture provides the most luxurious feel in our material palette.


This glass-like material is crafted with a glossy, shiny finish.


A mixture of gloss and matte finish with a little shimmer, the satin leather is velvety yet silky.


Webbing (only available on lifestyle bags)

Fine gauge seat belt webbing for secure and study handling.


Mesh (only available on lifestyle bags)

Both durable and soft utility fabric.



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