The Best Stand Bags: Which is Right for You?

The Best Stand Bags: Which is Right for You?

VESSEL recently introduced the newest installment in its competitive lineup of luxury stand bags, the VLX 2.0.

If you've been considering upgrading your stand bag, you might be wondering which of the VESSEL stand bags is right for you and how does the VLX 2.0 stack up?

We'll break it down for you.

The VLX 2.0 vs The VLS Lux

Golfers have come to expect more from their stand bag than just a lightweight option to carry a few clubs. Vessel Golf implements the latest technologies and developments into all bags they create. If a golfer chooses to use a carry bag and walk the course, there has to be room for all of the essentials that contribute to a successful round. This means the best golf stand bags and carry bags have intentional pockets, give attention to full length dividers, and feature comfortable straps.

Vessel Stand bags are designed to elevate your carry experience. Both the VLX 2.0 and VLS Lux are packed with features, but which one best suits your game?

VLX 2.0 Features

The VLX 2.0 incorporates a new 4-way, 8-inch top. It has 3, full-length dividers and has the capacity to carry a full set of clubs comfortably.

  • Patented Rotator Stand System for maximum stability
  • Patented self-adjusting Equilibrium 2.0 Double Strap
  • Magnetic rangefinder pocket with an internal divider and antimicrobial, velour lining
  • Dual cooler-lined bottle sleeves with an expandable magnetic closure
  • 3 external zip pockets: dual garment compartments + ball pocket
  • Interior lock pocket - lock included.
  • Pen/Tee slot
  • Dual-purpose bottle opener / towel ring
  • Matching body material, all-weather rain hood
  • Hook & loop umbrella holder

VLS Lux Features

  • Patented Rotator Stand System for maximum stability.
  • 4-point adjustable EQ2 Double Strap
  • Premium carbon fiber legs
  • Premium YKK metal zippers with genuine leather pulls 
  • Magnetic velour-lined rangefinder pocket
  • Magnetic, cooler-lined water bottle sleeve
  • Antimicrobial, velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Large garment compartment
  • Dual-purpose bottle opener / towel ring 
  • Genuine leather touchpoints
  • Matching PU rain hood
  • Hook & loop umbrella holder
  • Integrated quilted hip pad 
  • Pen holder

Key Stand Bag Differences

Both bags are designed with functional details and premium trims. Each bag features velour lined dividers, though the VLX 2.0's velour lined dividers are padded. All personal pockets on each bag are anti-microbial.

Top Size

The biggest difference between the bags exists in the top size. 

The VLX 2.0 adjusts to the needs and responses of today's most avid golfers and is constructed with an 8-inch top, as opposed to the 7.5-inch top on the VLS Lux. This does increase the weight on the VLX 2.0 slightly (4.9 lbs compared to 4.8 lbs, respectively) though the difference is negligible when considering the return of increased functionality.

VLX 2.0 Top

VLX 2.0



The EQ2 strap also bears the brunt of the carry work by self-adjusting during your round to equally distribute any excess weight (including that of your clubs).

Pockets and Storage Capacity

The VLX 2.0 has increased storage capacity. It has 3 external pockets, two of them are garment pockets while the third is a spacious ball pocket. 

A magnetic rangefinder pocket sits at the front of the bag and has an internal divider. The rangefinder pocket is also lined with anti-microbial material. 

VLX 2.0

VLX 2.0

Dual cooler pockets are an exciting feature of the VLX 2.0. Both have an expandable magnetic closure, meaning the cooler pockets are easy to access and carry plenty of beverages and snacks to fuel you through your carry round. 

VLX 2.0

VLX 2.0

The VLS Lux has a velour lined, magnetic rangefinder pocket that does not include an internal divider. 

The cooler pocket on the VLS Lux is also magnetic, still making it easy access and snack and beverage friendly, however there is only one cooler pocket as opposed to the VLX 2.0's dual cooler pockets. 



Similarly, the VLS Lux has a garment pocket with ample storage but it is a single compartment, while the VLX 2.0 has two. 



And The VLX 2.0 comes with an internal lock pocket to keep your valuables safe. We even provide you the lock.

Available Colorways

Another key difference, though admittedly purely aesthetic, are the available color ways on each bag. We think this is an essential consideration for golfers because if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you play well, right? 

The VLS Lux is available in 6 different colors, including most of our classics. You can get the VLS Lux in Perforated Black, Pebbled White, Crosshatch Black, Crosshatch Maroon, Pebbled Navy and Track Black.

VLS Lux Stand bag

The VLX 2.0 is available in our newest color ways, Carbon Navy and Ignite. You can also choose a classic Black or White. 

VLX 2.0 Stand Bag Colors

Both bags are able to be personalized and customized. 

Which is Right for You?

Ultimately, your stand bag choice is a reflection of your game. Do you walk more than you ride? If so, the larger top size in the VLX 2.0 and the ability to carry a full set of clubs comfortably is probably an important factor in your game because you'll be using your carry bag for most of your rounds.

Do you tend to carry a number of beverages? Is your weather unpredictable? Will you utilize the extra cooler and garment pockets? Are these features important enough to sacrifice an extra ounce of weight? 

If so the VLX 2.0 is probably right for you.

If you use your carry bag for casual rounds and don't carry a full set of clubs often and you'd prefer to keep the extra ounce in the bank, and don't require quite as much storage capacity, the VLS Lux is a strong consideration for you. 

And of course, don't forget to choose the color that makes you look and feel as good as you play.


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