The Ultimate Carry Bag

The Ultimate Carry Bag

Golf 2020 | 6 min read

When the modern game of golf emerged in 15th century Scotland, it was played with leather golf balls, bent sticks, and involved a lot of walking. By the late 19th century, the first golf carry bags were introduced to make the game more enjoyable. Fast-forward to present day, and millions of golfers still utilize carry bags. If you’re a golfer that carries on these traditions, it’s important to find the best golf carry bag for you. 

[Image: VLX in Iridium with Genuine Leather Golf Headcovers in Black]

We’re taking a look at why the new Vessel Luxury Crossover, or “VLX”, is the one of the best golf stand bags. We review crucial details like: functionality, design, durability, storage, care, and weight.



The VLX combines the best features from the Lite and Sunday 2.0 stand bags. It is a fusion of learnings from extensive use and review of both stand bags. Like the Sunday 2.0 and Player 2.0, it utilizes a hard-shell base to support the weight of a full set of clubs. It showcases Vessel’s patented Rotator Stand technology that keeps the bag flushed against the ground, for maximum stability. This technology also maintains the quick-snap release and recoil action to automatically retract the lightweight, carbon fiber legs. 

[Image: VLX displays 4-way 7-inch top, genuine leather handle, towel ring/bottle opener, and hook-and-loop umbrella holder] 

The VLX golf carry bag was designed with a slightly bigger top than the Sunday 2.0 bag so it is ideal for golfers with larger grips or extra clubs. It has been tailored to be as streamlined as possible, yet offer plenty of storage for golf gear essentials

New details like the vertical handle on the velour-lined magnetic pocket, make it easy to access a rangefinder or other small golf accessories. All other touch-points like handles and zipper pulls are crafted with luxe, genuine leather for long-lasting durability. The top handle is inspired by a luxury car steering wheel wrapped in soft leather with a hand-sewn triple needle stitch.  These materials not only provide a premium look and feel, but are sure to age beautifully over time. The waterproof zippers on the apparel pockets protect interior contents from moisture and outdoor elements. Finer details like the bottle opener/towel ring and a hook-and-loop umbrella holder, polish off the VLX’s minimal yet functional design. 

What sets this golf stand bag apart from others, is its flawless construction. With only a few exposed rivets, the overall design of the VLX is not interrupted by unnecessary metal parts. A water bottle or other hydration can be efficiently stored in the single-snap, magnetic closure pocket. They can even be quickly accessed while walking from hole to hole. 

The initial release of the VLX will have 4 colorways: all-black, all-white, Iridium, and forest green. Black and white are core colorways that complement any player’s style and attire. These timeless and elegant colorways are also easy-to-clean. The Iridium colorway beautifully combines white, black, orange, and hints of neon green. It was first seen on the Vessel Prime staff bag that found its way alongside some of our favorite Tour players. This inspired the Iridium colorway for the VLX. Lastly, forest green is the newest colorway and is unique to the VLX model. The rich, deep green pays a subtle nod to golf’s treasured, spring-time tournament. 


Of course, the best golf stand bag needs to be durable and long lasting. To achieve this, the VLX is crafted with tour-grade, vegan leather (PU). Although other Vessel Golf bags utilize premium vegan leather, the material on the VLX is unlike anything seen before. It’s been specially-engineered to be more lightweight but offer the same durability. This new PU is weather- and fade-resistant to keep the bag’s color bright and pristine. It is also abrasion-resistant to protect against scuffs, and easy-to-clean for effortless maintenance.  

To enhance the bag’s durability, the VLX includes a matching rain hood made from the same tour-grade materials. This ensures that clubs will stay shielded from unfavorable weather, and the interior dividers will stay dry. 

The carbon fiber legs mentioned above, check off multiple must-have qualities in a stand bag. Aside from their sleek appearance, they have been skillfully designed to optimize the strength to weight ratio. The ultra-lightweight stand bag legs weigh less than a pound, but can withstand 20-35lbs. They are extremely durable and manage to stabilize the bag’s contents.


When it comes to storage, the VLX carries everything that’s needed for a comfortable round of golf. It displays a total of four pockets to keep essentials organized. The dual, saddlebag pockets stow extra garments and golf gear. The interior of the right apparel pocket contains a  velour-lined, lockable pocket to safely store: watches, jewelry, cellphones, etc. These practical pockets distribute the content’s weight and allow for a balanced carry. 

The left side features a separate, magnetic cooler-lined sleeve that keeps refreshments cold. Lastly, the carry bag displays a classic magnetic pocket and belly pocket on the front. These are meant to store a rangefinder, tees, and golf balls. It is suggested to keep rangefinders in a pocket to protect from sun, rain, and other elements. 


Arguably, some of the most important features of a golf stand bag are the number of dividers and style of strap. The body of VLX is slightly bigger than the Sunday 2.0 stand, but inherits a 7”  top that resembles the Lite Stand bag. This larger top fits a full-set of clubs with plenty of room for an alignment stick or extra clubs. The top displays 4-way, full-length nylon dividers that are fully-enclosed and sewn into the walls of the bag. With the meticulous craftsmanship of the dividers, the VLX ensures that clubs stay nicely organized at all times.


[Image: VLX in Black displaying Interchangeable Strap System options]

As for the straps, the VLX is designed with a 4-point interchangeable strap system with removable clips. This system enables players to create multiple carry configurations and swap between single or double straps. The single strap style offers a classic, one-shoulder carry that many golfers are accustomed to. It is padded and adjustable so every player can tailor it to their preference. The ergonomic, double strap is designed in an “X” style and utilizes Vessel’s patented Equilibrium Strap System. These features actively adjust to mimic a golfer’s motion, which promote the most comfortable carry.


When it comes to the ultimate carry bag, golfers can’t compromise weight for functionality and vice versa. The VLX has been thoughtfully designed with a slim and clean look that barely tips the scale at 4.65 pounds. Its silhouette is trimmed down for efficiency, but packed with functional properties for an effortless experience. 


Care and maintenance comes easy when the materials are durable. Since the VLX is crafted with lightweight, high-resistance PU, it doesn’t take much effort to keep it clean. A special coating on the PU protects the bag against outdoor elements. Dirt and grass stains can be easily removed with a damp towel or cloth. For tougher grime, add a touch of dish soap to the cloth, or use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 


The last qualification for the best stand bag is uniqueness. There isn’t much competition when a golf bag is “one of one”. The VLX can be personalized on the left, right, and front belly pockets. There are limitless color and layout combinations for name, logos, club crest, and more. The VLX is the first of 3 new styles that will be personalizable on 3 sides. This makes it the perfect carry-stand bag for anyone that loves the in-line style but still wants to add a personal touch. 


Overall, the VLX’s design, functionality, and storage capabilities are preferred by golfers that frequently walk or caddy. The combination of modern features and the spirit of a classic, caddy bag allow it to be the perfect everyday carry bag for today’s avid golfer. The VLX is the next iteration of stand bag excellence and aims to further a centuries-old tradition of walking the golf course. 

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