The VESSEL Journal Vol. 4

The VESSEL Journal Vol. 4

Summer 2021

Collaboration Spotlight


From day one, VESSEL has worked together with the team at Grove XXIII to create products that live up to the high standards placed on them. 

A beacon of modern golf newly nestled down in South Florida. The Grove XXIII course has broken the mold in so many ways and inspired our team to continue to create top level bags that not only work at the highest level but also inject fun, creativity and personality into the game. Like the black panther is to the woods in Florida, so these bags are rare in the wild. Try and find one if you can.

A Word with the Driven

An Interview with Chris Clark

After completing all of the core requirements to graduate college, Chris Clark found himself choosing golf as an elective to complete his degree. Immediately entering corporate America after college, Chris began playing golf whenever he was not in the office, logging countless practice hours in the evenings at driving ranges and on the weekends. More than 10 years later, Chris discovered his ability to compete at the professional level, and will be pursuing status on the PGA Tour.

What are some personal strengths that have been crucial on your journey to securing a professional win?
It’s very important to have a large amount of self-belief. It’s very easy to get down on yourself because you’re not performing according to your expectations or the expectations of others. Only you know if you can perform at that level. It requires you to have honest conversations about what you can and can’t do. Discipline is a must, and in order to win or play well, you must be so focused on the process that winning becomes a result of that focus.
Throughout COVID, many people took to golf as an outlet. What effect does golf have on your physical, mental, and/or emotional health?
Golf touches on all three of those aspects. As with any sport, you have to be physically healthy to perform the golf swing motion. If there are any disabilities, there you are going to injure yourself. From a mental and emotional standpoint, I think this takes the most toll on the human body. Golf is one of the only sports that players’ expectations are usually beyond their skill level. No matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, everyone expects to hit perfect shots. This is just not reality and the biggest gap that separates the pro’s is the ability to play
the higher percentage shot 99% of the time. This requires discipline. And the repetitive nature of golf itself over 18 holes can drive a person to a wide range of emotions because of a lack of true expectations.

‘Diversity to me is about allowing something that is different from a common way of thinking to be allowed to exist simultaneously to what is considered the norm.’

Athletes are so influential in societal, political, and cultural matters. What impact do you hope to have throughout your time as a pro golfer?
I hope that when it’s all said and done for me, people can look back and say that I pushed the envelope on what was possible. Playing a sport at a young age and succeeding is common, but what about picking up a sport later on as an adult. You don’t hear too many of those stories. I hope people take note of that and become inspired to never think it’s too late to start something. Culturally, it is very important that I show others that the color of my skin doesn’t dictate the content of my character or my ability to play. The game of golf is changing, and I believe it’s my job to help champion that change the best way I know how.

As a strong proponent of diversity in the golf world, what does “diversity” mean to you?

Diversity to me is the very essence of inviting other people with different backgrounds, different thought patterns, different speech to be included in the game of golf. That isn’t just a bring more blacks to the game of golf. That also includes pacific islanders, Asians and other indigenous and people of color. Each culture has their challenges of growing the game and while there are similarities there are also differences. We must be accepting of those ideas and to me that looks like hosting different tournaments championing that change. I’d love to see a golf tournament pay tribute to the various cultures where a tournament is hosted. Diversity to me is about allowing something that is different from a common way of thinking to be allowed to exist simultaneously to what is considered the norm.

For young, aspiring athletes that face challenges and adversity because of their race, religion, background, etc., what are your biggest words of advice?
DON’T GIVE UP....And that sounds like such a cliché thing to say, but I liken the struggles those aspiring athletes are going to face, to the challenges that people like: Jesse Owens, Kim Crabbe, Charlie Sifford, Althea Gibson, Jackie Robinson, Arthur Ashe, and Ibtihaj Muhammad who were all first in their respective sports. I believe they had to have thick skin and an extreme amount of self-belief that their journey was part of a bigger cause. The journey is extremely lonely at times and all I can offer you is that when you finally get to the pinnacle of what success looks like in your life. You will look back and say to yourself that you made a difference. Mark Twain once wrote “The two most important days in your life are the day you’re born, and the day you discover why.” Let your WHY be the reason you inspire those behind you!

Getting Ahead with Melin

Working with the Best in Headwear

Melin, a headwear brand known for their innovative design details and high-quality fabrics, has tirelessly perfected the classic, baseball hat. Their passion for honing their craft naturally aligned with VESSEL’s desire to create refined, luxury-performance gear. Masters of their respective trades, the two teamed up to create limited-edition performance headwear that supports athletes, professionals, and world travelers in the moments that drive them forward.
The VESSEL x Melin collection features the A-Game and Odyssey styles in sleek, neutral tones. It’s understood that a good baseball hat makes all the difference during long, sunny days or unexpected weather changes. These everyday styles are constructed with everyday
wear in mind, but equipped for optimal performance during sport and activity.

^ Superior down to the details of logo treatments and finishing

^ Melin’s Hydrophobic materials wick water away

As a Melin staple, the A-Game and Odyssey hats are crafted with hydrophobic crown panels, moisture-wicking interior lining, laser-perforated back panels, and a soft-touch snapback closure.

The robust, hydrophobic exterior wicks water and prevents absorption whilst the intentionally-designed panels and bill effectively shield the face from direct sunlight.

Other features like the laser-perforated back panels, soft-touch snapback closure, moisture-wicking lining, and antimicrobial sweatband, promote a breathable wear that prevents sweat and bacteria build-up.

Keeping it Courtside During COVID Lockdown

Our Baseline Collection, for Brighter Matches Ahead

With the uncertainty we experienced throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, everyday activities like casual coffee runs, dining at restaurants, and playing at our favorite tennis courts, changed
However, we adhered to these simple rituals while adapting to a new “normal”. Like many, we had to get creative with our indoor and fitness activities.

We devised innovative, at-home drills and eagerly awaited our time on the courts again. Together, we have been able to get back to
the sport that inspires us. Racquet bag in hand, smiles under our masks--our passion for all things tennis is stronger than ever.
Here’s to the season ahead.

New Product Spotlight

Welcome Back Golf Travel 

It’s time to take our game on the road again. Many of us have been cycling through our local tracks and honing our game. It is officially the season to get out there and enjoy some new courses, locations, and locals.
The club travel bag is a perfect complement to the full range of travel bags and accessories. Durable ballistic nylon and reinforced webbing along with a large molded wheel chassis make this a workhorse that will go wherever you go and protect your clubs, bag, and everything else you need to take your A-game on the road.

Travel Club Bag

As a staple for avid golfers, the Travel Club Bag provides a convenient and efficient way to protect golf clubs on-the-go. This expandable, tear-resistant golf club bag utilizes 1680D Ballistic Nylon and a self-correcting nylon coil zipper for a durable yet refined finish.
The large, main compartment is lined with thick padding for a snug fit that secures expensive clubs in place. Features like: compression straps, an integrated wheel system, and several grab handles allow golfers to pack, unpack, and transport their golf gear hassle-free.

Voyager Footwear Bag 

The new 2021 Voyager Shoe Bag caters to professionals, travelers, and athletes, who need a safe and reliable way to transport their footwear.
Crafted with durable, weather-resistant vegan leather and a waterproof zipper, this minimalist silhouette is as functional as it is stylish. While the exterior shields contents from outdoor elements, the plush, antimicrobial-lined interior works hard to minimize the spread of harmful bacteria.

Innovation Spotlight

Antimicrobial Protection 

Many of the styles across our lifestyle and golf collections are lined with AEGIS® by Microban® antimicrobial fabric. This durable antimicrobial material physically defends against bacteria by puncturing the membrane of microorganisms to stop growth. This keeps clothing, footwear, travel gear, and electronics more hygienic.
Intentionally designed into key features like our microfiber lined rangefinder and personals pockets on our new golf bag styles. Additionally, many of our travel bags are lined entirely of this material for superior protection. With AEGIS technology, your everyday VESSEL bag conveniently combats unwanted odors and fights against harmful bacteria.

For more information on this technology, visit:


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