Golf Bag Top Design and Dividers: The Vessel Distinction

Golf Bag Top Design and Dividers: The Vessel Distinction

 At Vessel, we believe that the top of the bag is one of the most important considerations a golfer must keep in mind when deciding which bag is right for their game.

We feel so strongly about our assertion that a bag isn’t a good bag without a well designed top because it’s the first line of defense in terms of the organization and protection of a golfer’s golf clubs. 

A golfer’s golf bag is as integral to their game as their clubs or other golf equipment. There are a multitude of options on the market with various amounts of storage space and number of pockets, crafted out of an abundance of different materials, and available in numerous sizes.

When narrowing down the wide array of choices, it’s typically easiest to evaluate whether you ride or walk the golf course more often. If you find that you’re typically riding in a golf cart, you can narrow your search to cart bags. If you like to walk the course and use a carry bag or a push cart, a stand bag is probably right for you (or your caddie).

Once you’ve decided which broad category of golf bags is right for you, you can begin considering the more specific features and components of a golf bag, like top design. 

A golf bag and its top should achieve three things; Optimal organization; premium club protection; and the lesser known component, provide maximum balance when a bag is being carried.

What makes Vessel Tops different?

The top is the spirit of the design in all VESSEL golf bag. A first glance at the top of the bag doesn’t tell the full story of the best golf bags.

Vessel’s golf bags are available in 3-way, 4-way, 6-way, 7-way and 14-way tops. The optimal top depends both on player preference and bag type.

When the design team convened to decide on a direction for the top of the Player series of stand bags, they began with the traditional layout of the 6-way top as a starting point.

Player III

They knew the top was going to be a signature marker of the Vessel difference and an important distinction in the Player series of golf bags. Using a traditional staff bag as their inspiration, the designers weighed the pros and cons of the traditional 6 way top.

As discussions continued about the most functional and efficient top layout, Vessel CEO Ronnie Shaw and the design team asked an essential question. “Why don’t the tour players request putter wells?” It dawned on the Vessel design team that during consultations to create specified bags for tour players, a dedicated putter well was not a common request.

So, is a dedicated putter well necessary at all?


The Vessel Way

With the tour players in mind, Ronnie and the Vessel design team decided that a 6-way top is in fact the best and most efficient top design, but functionality could be improved with a small, important variation.

An Adapted Putter Well

After much experimenting, the Vessel 6-way top does include a putter well, but it’s not front and center. Instead, the front section of the bag that is traditionally a large putter well is divided in half, one-side for the putter and the other for the driver. The Vessel 6-way top still taps into the traditional philosophy of keeping your most utilized club at the front for easy access, except it expands the purpose of the front divider to include golfer’s two most used golf clubs.

VESSEL 6-way top

The Top Contributes to Overall Bag Balance

The top of any Vessel stand bag is also a primary component in guaranteeing the stability and balance of the golf bag. The high ridge point that runs vertically down the middle of the top is a deliberate choice. Most importantly, it helps protect golfer’s golf clubs by minimizing the contact between the clubs when the bag is being carried on the golf course using Vessel’s patented equilibrium shoulder strap system or when the clubs are being put in and out of the golf bag. It also allows the connection point to remain at the tip of the golf bag, which means the stand bag will never tip over.

Player III Balance

Full-Length Dividers

 Every Vessel golf bag, whether it be a golf stand bag, cart bag or staff bag includes velour-lined full-length dividers. Velour-lined full length dividers are designed to add additional protection for a club shafts. It eliminates snagging on 6-way, 14-way and 15-way tops as clubs are pulled out of the bag or put back into it.

In order to further protect clubs, Vessel golf bags do not include rivets around the top of the bag. Though it might seem inconsequential, bags that include rivets add additional risk for club shafts. If there is a rivet on the outside, that means there is a corresponding washer for each rivet on the inside of the golf bag. With extended use of the bag, the internal washer can wear and scratch a golfers club shafts. No rivets means your clubs will never be scratched in the club dividers.

With a combination of detailed top design and velour-lined full-length dividers, golf clubs are organized safe and secure and well balanced in a Vessel golf bag, by design.

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