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What Makes the Ideal Golf Stand Bag? Here’s a Walking Golfer’s Top Pick

What Makes the Ideal Golf Stand Bag? Here’s a Walking Golfer’s Top Pick

Golf 2021 | 4 min read
With so many options online, finding the right golf stand bag can be a challenge. So where do you start? You want an ideal balance of functionalitydurability, and weight without going through a trial-and-error process. Fast-track this task with our expert guide to finding the perfect golf bag for you.
Because you’ll be walking the golf course instead of using a golf cart, you want to avoid being bogged down by gear. It only takes one long round and one heavy golf bag to be enough to search for a replacement. For walking golfers that caddie for themselves, you’ll want to skip the staff bags and golf cart bags. These two styles typically weigh between 11-13lbs. Because of their bulkier frames, they are intended to be stored on a golf cart or carried by a caddie. Therefore, they are too bulky to carry comfortably by yourself. 
Instead, walking golfers should use a lightweight golf stand bag. This smaller and lighter golf bag weighs anywhere from 4-7lbs. It’s a fraction of the weight of larger styles. When you’re playing 18 holes, this size and weight difference is hard to ignore.  
Finding a lightweight golf bag is the easy part. But making sure it is functional is a harder feat. Off the bat, you should look for a bag that accommodates a full set of clubs and organizes them to your liking. Most carry bags are offered in a 4-way, 6-way, or 14-way top divider. The lightest stand bags and sunday bags usually have a two-way or four-way top, while full-featured stand bags have more dividers options. You can go a step further and make sure it's fitted with full-length dividers. This means that the dividers run all the way to the base and help prevent clubs from tangling. 
Aside from the top dividers, you should be sure that your stand bag accommodates essential golf gear. After all, a golf bag is only useful if it stores your clubs and golf equipment. Be sure to look for an apparel pocket, rangefinder pocket, a place to store hydration, and a ball pocket. These are the most basic storage compartments you’ll need in a golf stand bag. Other features to look for are: comfortable shoulder straps, a back or hip pad, and a sturdy stand system
In addition to being lightweight and functional, it is important to find a high-quality golf bag. At the end of the day, your golf bag should be made from quality materials that will last for years. Affordable bags are often made with materials like polyester-nylon blends or canvas. However, premium golf bags will have well-engineered materials and high-end trims. Some pricey bags will be made of genuine leather, but leather golf bags tend to be very heavy. Try opting for a vegan leather option. This material tends to be more durable and lightweight in comparison to all other fabrics. 

Introducing: The VLS Stand Bag 
The newest golf bag to hit the market is the VLS Stand Bag. This long-awaited style is a culmination of what walking golfers have been looking for. It is an ultralight style that barely tips the scale at 4.2lbs. It showcases a minimalist silhouette crafted with heavy-backed nylon. Not only is this material durable, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean, it has a hardwearing coating to ensure that the bag looks pristine after years of use. 

This lightweight golf bag features a four-way top with a tour-grade synthetic leather outer for a premium feel. The top is slightly angled to accommodate for driver and putter hang. It is lined with high-quality mesh and equipped with full-length dividers to protect clubs and grips. Golfers will enjoy other fine touch-points like genuine leather grab handles, waterproof zippers, and genuine leather zipper pulls. The small details make all the difference when you’re frequently reaching for gear.

Like other VESSEL golf stand bags, the VLS is designed with a patented Rotator Stand System and carbon fiber legs. These mechanisms working in unison, provide maximum stability on rough or uneven terrain. The flexible base and stand system provide a wide range of motion while the lightweight stand legs are designed to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio. These carbon fiber legs may weigh less than a pound, but can withstand around 35-40lbs. 

The VLS Stand Bag offers plenty of storage for your essential golf equipment. It features a large apparel pocket for extra layers or a change of clothing. There is also a magnetic, velour-lined rangefinder pocket that is perfect for storing a rangefinder, tees, a wallet, and/or cell phone. This pocket features a vertical pull opening for easy access to small items you need on-the-go. Other notable storage space includes an antimicrobial, velour-lined valuables pocket, a magnetic cooler-lined water bottle holder, and a front ball pocket. Everything from golf balls and yardage books to a wristwatch and other valuables can find a home in one of these designated storage pockets. The VLS is one of the best golf stand bags for professional and avid golfers because of its intentional storage.

Because comfort is key, this ultra-lightweight stand bag is equipped with a plush hip pad and a padded double strap. This dual strap is designed with a self-adjusting equilibrium strap system that shifts to your natural gait. For a single strap carry, golfers can simply clip off one strap for a sleek look.

To enhance the bag’s durability and functionality, the VLS Stand Bag includes a matching rain hood made from the same weather-resistant materials. This covering shields golf clubs from unfavorable weather and keeps the interior dividers and club grips dry. No detail has gone unnoticed, so this golf stand bag also includes an umbrella holder and dual-purpose bottle opener / towel ring
VESSEL understands that touring pros and avid golfers demand the highest quality from their golf gear. Players can rest assured this bag’s performance elements set the VLS Stand Bag apart from any other on the market.

The VLS Stand Bag is currently available on and will be soon available on Amazon.
Shop the 4 core colorways here: BLACK, GREY, NAVY, and OLIVE. The VLS Stand Bag is also available in ripstop DXR nylon
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Other great brands that offer golf stand bags include: Callaway Golf, Izzo Cobra, Taylormade, Sun Mountain, Titleist, Fairway Golf, Ogio, and Mizuno.

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