Best Tennis Bags

Best Tennis Bags

Tennis 2024 | 5 min read

Tennis Bag Backpack

One of the most popular tennis bag styles for 2024 is the tennis racket backpack. Tennis backpacks offer a laid-back, casual feel that is perfect for on and off the court. While the exterior looks like a typical backpack, it is equipped with functional features to make tennis days effortless.

[Featured:  Baseline Tennis Backpack in Black Tech 

The Baseline Tennis Backpack showcases a thermal-lined, padded racquet compartment that holds 1-2 tennis rackets. This lining protects racquet strings and heads from becoming misshapen as weather and air pressure change--making it ideal for players that travel with their gear.

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The Baseline Tennis Backpack features a large, main compartment that is perfect for holding extra apparel, strings, grips, and daily essentials. This  luxury tennis backpack is also equipped with a ventilated, bottom zip compartment to separate dirty tennis shoes from clean clothing, towels, and gear. Additional external storage includes a front-zip compartment that can be used to store small items, and dual, magnetic pockets that comfortably store water bottles or tennis ball canisters. 

Comfort is key when shopping for the best tennis bags. which is why the Baseline Tennis Backpack is designed with padded shoulder straps and a compression-molded back panel. These ergonomic features evenly distribute weight and provide back, spine, and shoulder support, for the ultimate carrying experience.

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Tennis racquet backpacks are great for beginners, working professionals, students, tennis coaches, and “minimalist” players. All essential gear can be comfortably stored and transported without the excess bulk larger tennis bag styles might have. This multifunctional style is an all-around great style for those that need a bag to seamlessly transition from work, practice, gym sessions, and weekend adventures.

For an elevated, and streamlined tennis racquet backpack, consider the PrimeX DXR Tennis Backpack. 

Modeled after our ultimate utility backpack, the PrimeX DXR Tennis Backpack has been optimized for tennis players. Every feature was designed with court performance in mind, starting with a thermal-lined, padded racquet compartment. Safely store up to 2 racquets in this dedicated space which features a clip-on cover to protect racquet shafts during transit. Unique to this tennis backpack is the magnetic accessory pocket with a hook-lock to keep your valuables safe on and off the court. A bottom zip panel gives you access to the main compartment - this multifunctional feature offers separate, internal storage for damp towels or garments and can also serve as a detachable pouch for additional external storage. Designed with an array of pockets, this tennis backpack has plenty of dedicated storage for tennis ball cans, beverages, strings, membership cards, phones and more.

Tennis Racquet Bags

Tennis Racquet Bags have a traditional, racquet-shaped silhouette that typically store between 6-12 racquets, essentials, and extra gear. With tennis racket bags, there is plenty of room for spare rackets, a change of clothes, extra strings, grip tape, a travel-sized foam roller, and warm-up equipment. Because of the ample amount of storage, tennis racquet bags are very popular amongst professionals, coaches, and avid tennis players.

[Featured: Baseline Racquet Bag 

One of the best tennis racket bags for 2024 is the Baseline 2.0 Racquet Bag. Crafted with durable, weather- and fade-resistant vegan materials, this tennis racket bag ensures all gear stays protected from the elements. This luxurious 6-racquet tennis bag features a thermal-lined compartment that houses 2 rackets. Like the Baseline Tennis Backpack, this thermal-lining is ideal for protecting the integrity of expensive racquet heads and retaining string tension despite changing weather conditions. 

In the larger, secondary compartment, players can store extra clothing, towels, and/or 4 more racquets. This compartment is also great for organizing jump ropes, training bands, and warm-up tools. 

Of course, no tennis bag would be complete without a place to put hydration. The Baseline 2.0 Racquet Bag features a thermal-lined side pocket that keeps beverages cold throughout practice. There is also a ventilated shoe compartment that neatly stores dirty shoes away from clean gear, and a velour-lined pocket that safely stores sunglasses, watches, jewelry, and anything players need to keep scratch-free. 

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The most notable feature for the Baseline Racquet Bag is its 4-point attachment system that converts this bag between a backpack and duffle bag-style carry. Players can simply clip the shoulder straps on and off to change tailor the bag to their comfort. 

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Although this style isn't as versatile as a backpack, its overall functionality and efficiency is perfect for avid players and anyone who has invested in expensive, customized racquets and gear. Of all other tennis bag styles on the market, tennis racquet bags are by far the most accommodating.

Tennis Tote

Tennis totes are one of the most popular kinds of tennis bags for women. Like tennis backpacks, they provide a versatile way to transport tennis gear and other daily items. The casual, feminine style of tennis totes are perfect for the work, errands, commuting, and of course, tennis practice.

[Featured: Baseline Tennis Tote in Stone Pebbled + Baseline Tennis Tote in Black Pebbled]

Compared to classic women’s totes, tennis tote bags are made with deeper main compartments so they’re able to hold necessary tennis gear (shown below). They typically have space for: 2 rackets, tennis accessories, clothing, water bottles, towels, spare strings, and shoes. High-end tennis totes will have padded racquet compartments and insulated water bottle pockets

[Featured: Baseline Tennis Tote in Neomint + Signature 2.0 Laptop Tote in Neomint

The Baseline Tennis Tote is crafted with premium, vegan leather and waterproof zippers. This material is known for its durability, weather- and fade-resistance, and low-maintenance. Players can rest assured that their tennis tote can handle whatever the day brings. 

This luxury tennis bag showcases 2 exterior slip pockets that are great for storing water bottles or tennis ball canisters. Interior organization includes: a velour-lined valuables pocket, a padded tech pocket, and three other nylon slip pockets to keep small items tidy. In the large, main compartment, there is plenty of room for two racquets, clothing, towels, and small warm-up items. The Baseline Tennis Tote comes with a nylon shoe bag to ensure that dirty tennis shoes can be stowed away in a sanitary fashion.

The most notable feature for this tennis tote is the trolley sleeve. The hind pocket on the Baseline Tennis Tote unzips to slide over the handles of a rolling luggage. This allows players to easily and efficiently transport their tote through busy airports, train stations, and other public areas.

[Featured: Baseline Tennis Tote in Stone Pebbled ]

Tennis tote bags are great for occasional or club players that don’t need more than 2 racquets or a ton of spare items. Like the tennis backpack, this is a casual style that accommodates tennis gear and daily necessities without all the extra, unnecessary bulk. Their sleek, minimal silhouettes conveniently function as an everyday carry, overnighter, or a weekend getaway bag. Tennis totes are ideal for those that enjoy a quick practice between work, errands, and family time, but especially great for tennis players that play on the road.

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