What to Pack for Your Next Golf Trip

What to Pack for Your Next Golf Trip

Golf 2021 | 5 min readAs the weather heats up and golf season is in full-swing, you may be eagerly planning your next golf getaway. Aside from booking tee times, flights, and hotels, it’s important to make sure your golf bag is prepped. After all, you can’t have a successful golf trip without your favorite gear! Here’s the ultimate packing list for your next golf trip.


Golf Clubs

First on the list-- make sure your favorite set of golf clubs is ready-to-go! If you don’t already clean and maintain your clubheads, golf grips, and shafts on a regular basis, it’s important to do so before your trip. You wouldn’t want to waste any time with repairs or replacements while you’re away. Plus, if you’re traveling to countries with strict sanitation requirements (i.e. islands, small countries), you’ll want to make sure your gear is as clean to avoid being stopped by security. 

Tip: Use warm water and a bristle brush or toothbrush to wipe away caked-on dirt and grime. This prevents premature wear on clubfaces and allows the club to make better contact with the golf ball.

Golf Bag 

Where there are golf clubs, there must be a golf bag! If you’re a golfer that has an arsenal of golf bags, it’s wise to travel with the lightest and most comfortable carry bag.  If you’re in the market for the best golf bag for travel, the Player 2.0 Stand bag comes highly recommended by many PGA pros and professional athletes. It’s offered in a 6-way or 14-way top with full-length dividers and an EQ2 shoulder strap system that enables you to interchange between a single or double strap carry.  This high-quality golf stand bag also features ample storage space that includes: a cooler pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket, ball pocket, rangefinder pocket, and more. You’ll have all the functionality of a cart bag, but without all the excess weight. This will help you save on check-in costs but still ensure all your golf equipment makes it to your destination. 

Golf Travel Case

To safely transport your clubs and golf bag, you’ll need a reliable golf club travel case. Whether you use a cart bag, stand bag, or staff bag, this soft-sided golf travel cover from VESSEL can easily store all of your golf gear. It’s crafted with heavy-duty, tear-resistant, 1680D Ballistic Nylon and weather-resistant materials to offer the durability and extra protection needed for air travel. With features like: integrated line skate wheels, compression straps, and multiple leather grab handles, this golf travel cover makes transporting and handling your gear effortless. This deluxe carry bag is lightweight yet durable enough to ensure your lucky putter, favorite golf shoes, and other golf essentials remain unscathed throughout your travels. 

Golf Balls and Tees It’s a good idea to pack enough golf balls and tees for your entire trip. The last thing you want to do is run out on the front 9. Plus, you’ll probably want to avoid the markups you’ll find at pro shops.


When playing a new course, you’ll most likely spend a little extra time figuring out yardages and getting accustomed to playing conditions. Although you may not be playing for score, a rangefinder can make the round more enjoyable. 


Golf Clothes

Depending on where you’re headed, will determine your golf apparel. As with all travel, it’s important to research what the forecast will be for your trip. For warm weather be sure to have lightweight, breathable, golf shirts, extra pairs of shorts, and plenty of extra socks. Of course, for cold weather--long sleeves, compression shirts, and windbreakers are a must. If you’re traveling to a place where the weather is unpredictable, it’s a good idea to pack at least one warm and one cold outfit. 

Warm Layer & Rain Gear

For a cold weather trip, be sure to have a warm, waterproof jacket and umbrella. The weather may change unexpectedly and you wouldn’t want a little rain to ruin your golf trip! Both items can be stashed in your golf bag -- pack your jacket in the apparel pocket and umbrella within the umbrella holster. Or, tuck them away in your carry-on or personal item. 

Golf Gloves

It’s not the worst thing to forget to pack a pair of golf gloves, but you can save yourself some time and money by making sure your favorite pair is tucked into your stand bag. If you know you’ll wear through them quickly, then packing a few extra pairs never hurts. 

Golf Shoes

In the midst of packing your apparel and toiletries, it’s easy to forget your golf shoes. Whether you stash them in a golf travel case, duffel bag, or shoe bag, be sure you have them before take-off. 

Tip: Pack a few extra spikes and a spike replacement tool in case you lose one on the course. 


A belt is another easily-forgotten golf accessory especially if you don’t regularly wear one on a day-to-day basis. To avoid breaking dress codes, it’s important to pack at least one belt. 

Tip: Consider purchasing a double-sided golf belt. This will not only complement more outfits, but you can save some luggage space by having an accessory that provides versatile style. 

A Versatile Golf Hat 

Rain or shine, having a hat when you’re out on the course can make all the difference. Plus, it comes in handy when you’re spending ample time sight-seeing. A versatile style like the Retro Trucker Hat seamlessly transitions from airport outfit, to daily wear, to golf ensemble. It’s offered in neutral tones to complement any wardrobe. 


For the most pleasant golfing experience, sunglasses are key. Bring your favorite style with UV protection and lightweight frames to protect your eyes on the course and be sure you can keep track of your golf ball as it takes flight. 

Tip: Delicate sunglasses and readers can be packed into these laptop backpacks which feature velour-lined pockets specifically-intended for valuables.



With any trip, sunblock and bug spray are good to have on-hand. Regardless if there is a chance of rain or sunshine, UV rays are constant. Dermatologists suggest wearing sunscreen everyday to prevent skin damage and cancers. It’s especially important to use while on vacation as you’ll likely be spending lots of time outside. To avoid the pain of sunburn and bug bites, pack these necessities in your golf travel bag or carry-on. 

Tip: Look for a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. These are the most effective for protecting your skin from lengthy sun exposure. 

Painkillers, Medications, Pain-Relief Patches 

After long days of golfing, exploring the town, and partaking in local festivities, your muscles and joints may need a little TLC. Having some kind of pain relievers might really come in handy! 

Tip: If you’re golfing internationally, keep in mind that some countries do not have convenience stores that sell common pain relievers. And if they do, they’re often 5-6 times more expensive than what you can get in the U.S. Pack a carryall pouch with all these items to save some time and money. 


A Trustworthy Duffel Bag

Your golf travel bag is packed and now you have to make sure all your other travel items are in order. It’s recommended to have a durable, soft-sided duffel bag for easy packing, unpacking, and storage in overhead bins. This luxe 2-in-1 Garment Duffel  is a modern take on two classic bags. It unzips to lay flat like a traditional garment bag that holds suits, dress shirts, dresses, and other formal wear. When zipped, a classic duffel bag is formed so you can stack toiletry bags, more apparel, and other necessities. Made from durable, fade- and water-resistant vegan leather, this garment duffel will provide a convenient and reliable carry for your golf trips and more.

Driver’s License and Passport

Can’t take a trip without these crucial travel documents. 

Tip: Store your ID and passport in separate places like keeping one on your person and one in your carry-on. This way, if your carry-on is misplaced for any reason, you won’t lose both documentations at once. It’s also never a good idea to store these items in your check-in luggage in case these items are lost or stolen.

Phone Charger & Portable Phone Charger

Cell phones are not only for communication; they contain everything from flight confirmations, hotel reservations, transportation apps, and more. Save yourself some headache and make sure to pack at least one phone charger and one portable charger. This way, if you’re on the course or nowhere near an outlet, you can be sure your electronic lifeline is fully-charged.

Toiletry Bag

A reliable toiletry bag is a must-have travel accessory for all trips. One of the best toiletry bags for men and women is the Signature 2.0 with Antimicrobial Liner. This sleek hanging toiletry bag features a water-resistant, vegan leather exterior and waterproof nylon interior to provide the durability you need during travel. The easy-access main compartment opens to reveal: three mesh pockets, two zippered pockets, one slip pocket, and a hanging hook. This carry-on toiletry bag fits a travel size toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, skincare, lotions, sunscreen, deodorant, and more. 

Insulated Water Bottle
A reusable water bottle is not only better for the environment, it provides the convenience you need while traveling. You’ll never be without hydration throughout your trip and especially on the golf course. 
Cash (For Tipping and Games)
Most things may be digital, but it’s still great to have cash on hand. Whether you need this for restaurants, caddies, or the local farmers market, small bills are useful.

Whether your golf trip is set for south Florida or Arizona, it’s always great to have a swimsuit for the beach visits, resort pool, spa, or jacuzzi. 


Wear there’s a need for swimwear, there’s a need for sandals. Apart from their utility after the pool or beach, it’s nice to slip on sandals after a long day at the course. 

In-Flight Entertainment

For longer flights, it’s nice to have access to in-flight entertainment if your airline doesn’t already provide any. Download a movie on your laptop, tablet, or other electronic device to help pass the time. Or, bring along a good book or magazine. 

Neck Pillow 

We’ve all experienced the terrible neck pain from a pillow-less in-flight nap. This pain could easily creep up on you later while you’re out on the course, so it’s safer to come prepared with a travel size neck pillow.


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