21 Must-Have Travel Accessories that make Life Easier

21 Must-Have Travel Accessories that make Life Easier

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1. 2-in-1 Garment Duffel Bag

A must-have travel accessory for business travel, formal events, and more is a garment bag. One of the best garment bags for dresses, suits, and wrinkle-prone clothing is the Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel with Antimicrobial Liner from VESSEL. The premium look and feel of the garment duffle bag is sure to elevate your travel experience. When unzipped, it lays flat like a traditional garment bag--when fully zipped, a deluxe duffel bag is created! Fit up to three items in the garment compartment and secure everything into place with the hanger hook. When the duffel is formed, easily stack additional apparel, shoes, toiletry bags, and more. Other interior organization includes: three zipper pockets for small items and two elastic pockets that are ideal for shoe storage. The Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel with Antimicrobial Liner even features a trolley sleeve and removable shoulder strap, so you can carry your duffel or wheel it around on your favorite rolling luggage. For an easy and efficient way to transport attire, this travel bag comes highly recommended. Choose from a sleek crosshatch black or rich, stone shade for style that suits you. 
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2. Travel Shoe Bag

It can be a struggle to find the best way to store and transport an extra pair of shoes. Whether it’s a pair of expensive dress shoes, lucky golf shoes, or your favorite tennis shoes, you’d like to know they’ll look the same after you unpack them. To protect your wardrobe investments, use the new 2021 Voyager Shoe Bag. Crafted with durable, water-resistant vegan leather and a waterproof zipper closure, this travel shoe bag is as functional as it is stylish. While the exterior shields contents from outdoor elements, the plush, antimicrobial-lined interior works hard to minimize the spread of harmful bacteria. Its minimalist silhouette is lightweight and compact--making it a great shoe bag for suitcases or to be paired with your personal item. 
For easy portability and additional storage, this travel shoe bag features a top carry handle and a velour-lined, magnetic valuables pocket. Intentional design features like the wraparound zipper and wide-opening main compartment, make packing and unpacking hassle-free. This luxe shoe carry bag caters to travelers who need a safe and reliable way to transport their footwear. 

3. Travel Laundry Bag

When you’re enjoying a vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is laundry. However, you still want to keep track of what’s dirty and fresh. To help, you should bring along a reusable laundry bag. This simple travel accessory makes it easy to store dirty laundry and prevent unwanted odors and harmful bacteria from spoiling the rest of your vacation ‘fits. This sturdy drawstring bag is the perfect size to pack away into your luggage and gradually fill with dirty clothing. The VESSEL drawstring backpack in particular is also multipurpose and can be used to not only transport apparel to and from a laundry facility, but can be used as a daypack. It features pockets for small items and a microfiber-lined pocket that fits up to a 13-inch laptop or tablet.

4. Women’s and Men’s Rolling Luggage 

Travel can be long and exhausting. Give your shoulders a break by using a classic rolling luggage. One of the best luxury travel bags is the Signature 2.0 Luggage. This sleek, compact silhouette is carry-on approved by all domestic and international airlines so you don’t have to worry about size restrictions. 
It’s crafted from premium, microsuede synthetic leather and high-quality metal accents for a design that is as elegant as it is durable. This women’s and men’s luggage bag features 360-degree wheels for easy portability, and an additional front-zip pocket for maximum organization. Within this front pocket, there is a padded laptop sleeve and multiple accessories pockets to properly organize essentials and valuables. 
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5. Laptop Travel Backpack

Your old-school bookbag might not make the cut if you’re traveling with tech and other electronics. If you want to be sure your gadgets are safe during travel, you’ll need a men’s and women’s backpack with laptop sleeve. Shop premium styles like Signature 2.0 with Antimicrobial Liner. Voted the 2020 Top Laptop Backpack by Forbes, this modern laptop backpack is designed to elevate your travel experience. From its minimalist, vegan leather exterior to premium YKK metal zippers, this laptop bag elegantly combines functionality and style. With a convenient clamshell opening, you’ll have easy-access to all your travel necessities. To maximize your carrying capacity and organization, this laptop backpack for women and men is equipped with plenty of storage. This includes a spacious main compartment where you can hygienically store your toiletry bag, snacks, hand lotion, and other frequently-used small items. Utilize the padded laptop pocket for your MacBook, iPad, or other electronics, and rest assured these valuables are protected. Other storage spaces includes: 
a front zip pocket, shoe compartment, anti-theft side pockets, and more. This travel laptop backpack makes for a great carry-on personal item for business travelers. 
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6. Packing Cubes
Who doesn’t love hassle-free packing? If you’re not utilizing packing cubes, you’re probably spending way too much time figuring out how you’ll fit everything into your carry-on bag
With these washable, mesh travel bag organizers, you can quickly organize apparel by type. Simply sort clothing, undergarments, and accessories into each packing cube to keep track of all your items. Pack clothes and gear down tightly using a “rolling” method to maximize the space within each travel organizer. Not only can you fit more items into your carry-on luggage, but you’ll have extra space for souvenirs! This maximizes the space of any rolling luggage, garment duffel, or duffle bag and allows travelers to sort items by type or pre-plan outfits. Stop trying to squish everything into your carry-on and make it easy on yourself.

7. Travel Toiletry Kit
Everyone needs a place to put their most-needed hygiene products. But for long flights or extensive layovers, it may be helpful to split your items between two toiletry bags. One to stow away items in your carry-on or check-in bag, and one in your personal item to store crucial items you need at-hand. 
For the bulk of your products, use the Skyline Toiletry. This large, premium dopp kit features ample storage space for a shave kit, cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner, and other items needed for your morning and nightly routines. It’s crafted with high-quality, water-resistant nylon for a durable finish. 

When you need to have quick-access to items in your backpack or purse, use the Signature 2.0 Toiletry. This compact women’s and men’s toiletry bag is the perfect size for immediate toiletries. Things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, eye drops, and feminine products, can be readily available. Whether you’re freshening up during a 15 hour flight, or preparing to go straight into a business meeting, you can access your most-needed care items without having to dig into your luggage. To ensure your electronics and valuables are safe from spills, the Signature 2.0 Toiletry features a water-resistant faux leather exterior and waterproof zippers. It features a book-style opening that reveals two zip pockets, three mesh pockets, and one slip pocket.

8. Multipurpose Tote Bag 
If you’re looking for a stylish, multipurpose tote bag, a tennis handbag is an unexpected yet functional choice. Tennis tote bags may be most popular amongst tennis aficionados, but their durability and functional storage make them great travel bags. The Baseline Tennis Tote showcases luxe craftsmanship with high-quality vegan leather, nylon lining, and waterproof zippers. So whether you’re sightseeing in New York City or hitting the tennis courts, you can rest assured your travel tote will protect your gear from the elements. This versatile travel bag is perfect for vacation, work, errands, commutes, and tennis practice.Compared to a classic women’s travel tote, the Baseline Tennis Tote has a deeper main compartment to accommodate: clothing, extra shoes, toiletry bag, cosmetics pouch, and other travel necessities. It features internal slip pockets and a velour-lined valuables pocket to provide a safe place for small items. There is also a padded, slip tech pocket for a laptop and a padded racquet compartment that can store two racquets or also serve as a tech sleeve. The Baseline Tennis Tote even comes with a drawstring nylon bag to store dirty shoes or clothes from clean items. 
On the outside of this tennis travel bag, these are two exterior slip pockets that are perfect for holding reusable water bottles, umbrellas, ball canisters, or small towels. The back external pocket doubles as a trolley sleeve so you can slip it over the handles of a rolling luggage for easy portability. The Baseline Tennis Tote offers a versatile way to transport travel essentials, daily items, and tennis gear. 

9. Reliable Travel Wallet

It’s important to keep your cash safe, at all times. This is especially true while you’re traveling. Be sure to have a sturdy, reliable wallet for your trip. The VESSEL slim bifold wallet is a traditional wallet with a modern take. Its sleek silhouette is crafted with premium genuine leather for a soft yet durable finish. With a classic billfold, this high-quality leather wallet provides easy access to six card slots and a nylon-lined currency compartment. The Leather Bifold Wallet holds: credit cards, debit cards, business cards, ID cards, hotel access cards, and cash. For less frequently used items, there are two hidden slip pockets that allow you to tuck away keepsakes like: family photos, movie ticket stubs, or any other little mementos love to carry. The overall slim profile makes the Leather Bifold Wallet the ideal everyday carry (EDC) or travel wallet.

10. Hands-free Crossbody Bag 
When you’re venturing around a new city, you’ll want to keep your hands free to snap loads of scenic photos or enjoy a local treat. A crossbody bag is the perfect solution! This style of travel bag allows you to store daily essentials close to your person, in a convenient, hands-free way. 
The Skyline Sling is a lightweight, weather-resistant crossbody backpack that is crafted with durable, weather-resistant VSL Nylon. This crossbody bag features a main compartment, front zippered pocket, and hidden side pocket to ensure that all necessities are available for your adventure.

Important items like a wallet, cell phone, and keys can be securely stored in the main compartment. All items that need to be quickly-accessed can find a home in the front pocket. For anything else that needs to stay close to your person, it can be safely tucked away in the anti-theft side pocket.
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For other crossbody and belt bag options, check out Loewe, Versace, and Prada.

11. Hand Sanitizer + Sanitizing Wipes
Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes have been crucial throughout this pandemic. However, these items should always be kept in your travel bag. All public spaces (especially airports and planes) are highly-frequented, so the risk of coming in contact with harmful bacteria is heightened. We’ve all become more aware of how to reduce the spread of germs, and have been mindful of our health practices. It’s recommended to sanitize your hands after security screenings and to wipe down your seat before you prepare for take-off. 
Pro Travel Tip: Keep a small pack of face wipes in your laptop backpack or personal item. This underrated travel accessory is perfect for freshening up and keeping your skin feeling nice and clean throughout a long day of travel.  

12. First Aid and Medications
Travel often exposes you to different germs, fluctuating temperatures, and varying environmental factors. This combination of elements is the perfect setting for weakened immune systems. To avoid aches and pains, stock your carry-on luggage with immune-support items. It’s highly recommended to pack: powdered vitamin mix-ins, immune-support gummies, motion-sickness medication, bug repellent, sunscreen, and after-sun lotion. These simple items will give your body the extra boost to fend off any creeping sicknesses and care for minor ailments throughout the trip. 
Plus, depending on where you’re traveling to, these over-the-counter medications might not be readily available or will be marked up 6-7x times the average price. Avoid the hassle and stock up.

13. Travel Size Toiletries 
TSA regulations require that all liquids be stored in a 3.4oz container or smaller. But rather than packing one-time-use plastics, it’s recommended to invest in reusable travel containers. Not only are they better for the environment, they’re most cost-efficient in the long run. 

14. Travel Sewing Kit
Imagine yourself getting ready for a big event or special night out and notice a small tear! These small hiccups seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. To alleviate some stress, keep a travel-sized sewing kit in your luggage. Having this kit on-hand also eliminates the wait time for the front desk to deliver supplies. You never know when you’ll need to replace a button on-the-fly (literally). 

15. Quick-Dry Towel 
Regardless if your stay is at a five-star hotel or a cozy hostel, it’s recommended to have a quick-dry towel. You never know when it’ll come in handy! This convenient travel accessory packs down into a backpack or tote and air dries almost instantly. If you’re visiting beaches, cenotes, lagoons, or simply going on a leisurely hike, a quick-dry towel is a must. 

16. Travel Pillow
Travel pillows aren’t just good for long-haul flights. It’s recommended to have your head and neck supported for any duration you spend sleeping in an upright position. With a travel pillow, you can have a comfortable sleep and avoid painful neck cramps. 

17. Headphones
Of course, having your phone and headphones on hand is a must! For long flights, you can pre-download music or movies to keep the in-flight entertainment going. Or if you prefer to sleep through flights, you can download a few white noise apps. Be sure to store these small items in a carryall pouch or in a side pocket of your luggage tote bag, for easy access.

18. In-Flight Entertainment
For those with busy minds that simply can’t turn off, it’s important to prepare a few in-flight activities. You can utilize your time in the air to learn something new by reading a book or magazine. Or, you relax and unwind by sketching in a notepad, coloring in a coloring book, or writing down a few things in a journal. 

19. Power Bank and Multi USB Charger
If you have a full day of sightseeing, you’ll want to make sure your electronics are charged. For most people, these devices are a lifeline to: family, friends, transportation passes, rideshare apps, etc. You won’t want to be caught on 1% battery life, midway through the day! 
Prior to COVID-19, there were many places where you could sit and plug devices into a power source. However, with social distancing and limited access to public spaces, there aren’t as many opportunities to plug into outlets. Combine this new challenge with navigating a new city (potentially in a country where you don’t speak the language) and be prepared for a headache! This is why it’s crucial to have a backup powerpack and USB cables. These necessities will ensure that you have long-lasting power throughout your full day of vacation fun.

20. International Travel Adapter 
It goes without saying that if you pack electronics, you’ll have to pack charging cables. If you’re traveling out of the country, you’ll also need an adapter that is compatible with outlets at your destination. Other countries have different voltage and plug types, so it’s important to make sure your power adapter works. Find an “international” travel adapter that comes with multiple plug types. Be sure to purchase one that is recommended for the country you’re visiting.

21. Wine Bag A wine bag? While you travel? This might not come to the top of your mind, but this travel accessory can come in handy. If you’ve come across a great bottle of vino on vacation, you may want to take a bottle home. But where and how to pack a fragile item like wine? Don’t risk having a bottle break inside your luggage. Store is in a padded travel wine bag like the Skyline Lux Wine Bag. This sophisticated, durable wine bag features a padded, center divider to securely hold two bottles while you make your way to your destination. The insulated interior keeps the bottles at the preferred temperature if you plan to enjoy them shortly after purchasing. 
Even if you don’t like wine, you may have friends and family that would love this sweet souvenir! 
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