VESSELS Driven: Rick Shiels

VESSELS Driven: Rick Shiels

 In the dynamic world of golf coaching, YouTube has emerged as a powerful platform for sharing expertise and connecting with enthusiasts worldwide. Rick Shiels, a prominent figure in the golf world, embodies the fusion of professional expertise, coaching excellence, and engaging content creation. 

His journey began as a young golf enthusiast, evolving into a PGA-qualified instructor. Rick's passion for the game led to the creation of his YouTube channel, where he shares instructional videos, equipment reviews, and entertaining golf content. His engaging approach and dedication have garnered millions of followers, making him a respected and influential voice in golf.

Rick Shiels H.I.T Studio with VESSEL bags in the background

Recently, Rick Shiels launched a new, review-centric Youtube Golf Channel. While his main channel aims to provide entertainment and education, the H.IT. channel is meant to provide honest and trustworthy reviews on the worlds most popular golf products. Rick believed VESSEL Bags to be an important partner in building out the H.I.T. studio. VESSEL is excited to be a part of the new review channel. 

Rick Shiels solo photo 


A Conversation with Rick Shiels

VESSEL: What's the best thing about being the prominent golf coach on Youtube?

Rick Shiels: I get a lot of messages on my social media channels from people who have watched my videos and then gone on to improve or even just enjoy the game more - that means so much to me! I really want to help people play better and have as much fun as possible, if I can do that I’m very happy!

VESSEL: Absolutely, making a positive impact is what it's all about. Now, about your studio – why VESSEL bags?

Rick Shiels: This is a simple one! I wanted golf bags that looked sleek, stylish, timeless and had amazing build quality. To be honest I didn’t even think of any other brand – it had to be VESSEL!

Rick Shiels H.I.T. Studio with VESSEL bags in background

VESSEL: That's fantastic to hear. Speaking of VESSEL, do you have a favorite product from our lineup?

Rick Shiels: As I write this I’m currently out in Dubai filming and I am using the VLX 2.0 stand bag – I’m really liking it! It looks awesome but it’s also super functional.

Rick Shiels

VESSEL: We're thrilled to be a part of your golfing journey, Rick. Now, let's switch gears a bit. If you weren't a golf coach, what do you think you'd be doing?

Rick Shiels: I did well at school in two subjects.. Sport and drama, so I guess something to do with one of those two! But having said that I’ve always thought if I didn’t work in golf id be a landscape gardener!

VESSEL: That's a fascinating alternate path! And to add a fun twist, share with us one fact about you that has nothing to do with golf.

Rick Shiels: I once played Football (Soccer) at Old Trafford, the home of my favourite team Manchester United!

To check out VESSEL Bags in the H.I.T. Studio, subscribe to Rick Shiels H.I.T channel here.


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