VESSEL'S Driven: Breaking Eighty

VESSEL'S Driven: Breaking Eighty

Introducing Breaking Eighty

Meet Sean Ogle, the Founder of Breaking Eighty, a golf-centric platform that has evolved into a premier resource on the internet. Launched in the summer of 2012, Breaking Eighty initially chronicled Sean's pursuit of playing the top 100 public golf courses in the US, eventually expanding to a global scale. With captivating stories and stunning photos, the site not only showcases the world's best golf courses but has also transformed into a go-to hub for unbiased golf product reviews. Sean's journey took a professional turn in 2009 when he left his finance job, moved to Thailand for a year, and transitioned into a full-time content creator. Today, Breaking Eighty is his primary focus, offering valuable insights and reviews to golf enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Sean Ogle, Founder of breaking Eighty


A Conversation with Sean Ogle

VESSEL: How Did Breaking Eighty Get Started?

Sean: Breaking Eighty started in the Summer of 2012 as a way to document my goal of playing the top golf courses in the world. While I still write a lot about travel and courses, I quickly learned that more people wanted product reviews than anything else - so that's become the focal point of the site.
VESSEL: What's your favorite part about being the owner and founder of a successful golf review website?
Sean: Honestly, the best part about it is the people and the flexibility. Before this I worked a desk job and only had 2 weeks of vacation a year. So to be able to travel and golf whenever I want is pretty special. But as with anything, the best part is the people. I often say "what are the odds you sit down at a bar and the person next to you as the exact same hobbies and interests as you?" It's not usually very likely.
So to have a place on the internet where I can show off the things I'm interested in, and then let people come find me? It's awesome to have a way to connect with so many like-minded and interesting people every day.
VESSEL: Which Vessel Product is your favorite?
Sean: It's gotta be the Player IV Pro. I played over 100 rounds with the Player III, so to see the upgrades on the IV Pro has been awesome. The DXR version is also a favorite for traveling, as caddies like that one better :)
VESSEL: What does the future of Breaking Eighty look like?
Sean: If I can keep doing exactly what I'm doing with the same level of success for the foreseeable future, that'd be a huge win in my book. But considering I do nearly everything myself, I think the next step is to bring a few more people into the fold. This would allow me to scale our content while still being as honest and authentic as possible.

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