An Inside Look: VESSEL X Cobra LE API Tour Stand Bag

An Inside Look: VESSEL X Cobra LE API Tour Stand Bag

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There’s no better way to celebrate the 2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational than with a Vessel X Cobra Collaboration. We reveal the inspirations, design details, and functional features of the The Limited Edition API Tour Stand.


The Specs

The LE API Tour Bag is the ultimate player stand bag. With tour-trusted features and eye-catching print, this carry bag boasts all capabilities of a Tour Staff despite its lighter and smaller silhouette. It provides ample storage space that includes: an oversized apparel pocket, lockable valuables pocket and dual insulated cooler pockets. Hand-crafted with luxe vegan leather in a pebbled finish, the material emulates the look and feel of genuine leather, whilst being mindful of our ecosystems. It’s durable, sun-resistant, and easy-to-clean. Like other stand bags in Vessel’s Golf Collection, the Tour Bag features carbon fiber stand legs and an EASYFlex base. These technologies ensure that clubs are fully supported even when the bag is propped out on uneven surfaces. A unique feature of the Tour Stand, is the 4-way top that partitions the bag with full-length nylon dividers. This allows golfers to easily organize their clubs to their preference. Another exclusive tour stand feature, are the dual water bottle pockets on either side of the belly panel. These design elements set the API Tour Stand apart from the ordinary, and optimize any golfer’s playing experience. The bag is accented with a light grey mesh, used for exclusive design projects, so of course it was needed to complement AP’s signature colors. Complete with a single strap and hip pad with COOLFLOW foam, this bag is truly built for the most comfortable and stylish carry. 

The Details

The limited edition pattern was designed by Cobra to pay homage to the legend himself, and more importantly, Arnie’s Army. The vibrant red, yellow, white and green camo print is the first thing to catch your eye. With a closer look, you can see AP’s iconic umbrella logo scattered throughout the print. It’s all about the details, so we couldn’t stop there. The zippers are ordained with specialty zipper pulls that display Palmer’s silhouette.


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The Inspiration

In honor of the 2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational, VESSEL X Cobra was challenged to create a show-stopping bag as a tribute to the greatest golfer of all time. But this collaboration encompasses much more than Palmer’s legacy. The design concept was inspired by Arnie’s Army and every golfer driven by the love of the game.  

The story goes: 

The 1959 Augusta National was underway, but the turnout was far from what it is nowadays. Tournament founders Clifford Roberts and Bob Jones needed to draw crowds to fill the empty viewing areas, so they looked to the nearby military base for support. They invited all active military to come watch the tournament for free, so long as they were dressed in uniform.  As these servicemen and women heard that Palmer was the defending champion for the Masters, they joined his gallery and followed him from hole to hole. A patron amongst the crowd pointed out that there was, quite literally, an army following Palmer. From there, publications took the term “Arnie’s Army”, and ran with it. They used it as a term of endearment to highlight Palmer’s loyal fanbase. Over time, this term was extended to everyone that joined Palmer and his mission to give back through charitable efforts. Arnold Palmer Enterprises, Inc. donate to efforts that support children’s health care, youth development, and  nature-focused wellness. Palmer and Arnie’s Army have impacted hundreds of thousands of lives, and continue to do so through the AP Invitational and several charity partnerships. 

Learn more about Arnie’s Army and their charitable efforts at:

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