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The VESSEL Journal

Collaboration Spotlight - Presidents Cup

The Journal recently invaded the design department here at Vessel for a quick Q+A with the team about the recent Presidents Cup collaboration and how it all went down.


VJ: When the Presidents Cup reached out to Vessel to be the preferred bag supplier for the tournament, what was the initial discussion to begin the design process?

DD: Both teams came in with a strong point of view and with a new international look it seemed they were making a statement this year. We took what was already decided on and built around that look and feel to create a cohesive and complete bag collection for both the teams and the fans alike.

VJ: How did you select the bag style and materials featured on the golf bags? Are they the same materials featured on the lifestyle bags?

DD: Both teams decided to use our long-running tour staff bag, the Pro Staff. While we are going to be upgrading the staff bag used in 2021 (shhhh), the Pro Staff was a great choice and has been a top performer on tour and in our custom program. The materials and build on these bags are exactly what we offer to everyone who wants to come in or go online and customize a staff bag. Tour level materials, build, features and service are just some of the things we pride ourselves on providing.

VJ: How long was this project in the making? How did it feel to see how designs come to fruition?

DD: While it was well planned and strategic, it was still a fairly brisk turnaround. From intial call to landed product at the tournament and global retailers it was about 8 months. We do our best to dive in and understand the tournament’s needs when it comes to product performance, aesthetics and commercial viability. Our primary focus was on getting the players bags that look and work on an equally superior level. After that we turned our focus on to what the players and fans would also want to help tell the Presidents Cup story. A full range of lifestyle bags from backpacks, garment duffels and even wine bags took the accessory offerings to the next level.

Retail Revealed - The Vessel Flagship

La Jolla, CA

For those that wish to experience the craftsmanship for themselves, we welcome you to our brick and mortar storefront in the beautiful, beach city of La Jolla, CA.

Nestled among other couture brands, we’ve curated a space for those that seek to find the perfect combination of luxury and functionality. From floor to ceiling, our space showcases an array of golf, tennis, and travel goods that perfectly marries a sleek ambiance with a warm and homey feel.

The UTC La Jolla location highlights all of the products available online, but with the added capability of comparing each piece to discover what best suits your style. Connect with our experts that can assist with finding your perfect golf, tennis, and travel bags by walking you through every feature from handle to zipper.

Our ultimate goal is to help you find the product that complements what drives you, and elevates your carry experience. With a commitment to physical retail we’ve been able to curate an experience that truly encompasses what Vessel stands for: purpose, luxury, and performance.


From Course to Court

Vessel Tennis Launches

This year marks the first full year we are taking luxury performance from the golf course to the tennis court. Relentless in our drive to craft luxury products for athletes, our new Baseline Collection is designed to set a new standard in luxury performance tennis accessories.

Intentionally Designed

Built for the courts. Each style is carefully designed to provide equipment protection, organization and superior functionality for the modern tennis player.

Modern Statement

The Baseline Collection is a modern take on the classics. Sleek silhouettes like the Racquet Tote are designed with a modern aesthetic create the benchmark in understated luxury on and off the courts.


New Product Spotlight


The Coolest thing You never knew You Needed

Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, but you never know where some of the best ideas will come from. Our team found themselves in need of a place to sit and a cold beverage while out on the driving range and so they had an idea to design the best seat in the house, the Cool Caddy.

“This thing is just so’s awesome.”

- Don Cameron

This versatile caddy features a structured top, removable bottle opener and a cooler-lined interior with 20L capacity to keep your drinks cool wherever you want to sit and enjoy a cold drink! When not in use as a cooler, the inner compartment can be removed for use as a fully functional den caddy.


The Evolution of Functional Luxury Evolved

Evolved from the Vessel Lite Stand, this upgraded version boasts premium YKK metal zippers, more leather touch points, integrated zipper gussets, PU body matching rain hood, an enhanced equilibrium strap system and crosshatch-embossed microsuede synthetic leather. Everything works together to elevate the look and feel of the already exemplary stand bag.

The patented rotator stand technology, carbon fiber legs, and leather handles provide a familiar feel, but it’s the new elements make the Lite Lux Stand Bag the high mark of luxury performance gear.

Even more consideration was given to the functions of premium carry and club protection. The full-length dividers are now lined with fleece to complete the lux feel while preventing wear on club grips.


Lifestyle Spotlight

A | The Signature 2.0 Laptop Tote (Black)

B | Leather Clutch Wallet (Natural/Black)

C | The Signature Carryall Pouch (Natural)

D | The Lite Lux Stand Bag (Ivory)

E | The 24-Hour Automatic Watch (Black/Silver)

F | The Signature 2.0 Backpack (Stone)

G | The Signature Carry-On Wheeled Luggage (Stone)


L| The Leather Clutch Wallet - Natural / Black

R| The Signature 2.0 Laptop Tote - Pebbled Black

A | The Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel (Peb. Black)

B | The Signature 2.0 Backpack (Peb. Black)

C | The 24-Hour Automatic Watch (Stealth)

D | Gunmetal ‘V’ Reversible Belt (Carbon/White)

E | Leather Bi-Fold (Black)

F | The Signature 2.0 Toiletry (Peb. Black)

G | The Player 2.0 Stand Bag (Black)

L| The Signature 2.0 Garment Duffel - Pebbled Grey 

R| The Signature 2.0 Backpack - Pebbled Black

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