Behind the Design: The Player III Stand Bag

Behind the Design: The Player III Stand Bag

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With a legacy built on top-level craftsmanship and superior materials, the new Player III stand bag pays homage to VESSEL’s flagship golf bag, the Player Stand. When designing this new 2021 version, the goal to enhance each feature of the classic VESSEL golf stand bag was motivated by the feedback from professional players and golf fanatics alike. Each note was carefully incorporated from top to bottom, and truly pushes the standards for functionality while staying true to its heritage. VESSEL’s intention behind this new golf stand bag is to continually heighten the standards of performance luxury...even if that means they’re only competing with themselves. 

Here’s an inside look into the Player III stand bag’s design: 


With a specific design focus to provide easy club interaction, the Player III stand bag showcases a larger, redesigned top that accommodates for putter hang, driver placement, and overall golf club management. To further enhance efficiency and ease, the club dividers have been intentionally-designed with a slight angle to keep clubs organized. These upgrades alleviate the frustration with organization and allows players to focus on the game.

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The top’s outer material is a premium, vegan leather that boasts a matte black finish for a sleek aesthetic. The dividers are wrapped with VESSEL’s signature microsuede synthetic leather that can be seen on their golf tour bag options. These top-tier materials were carefully selected to provide a tour-grade bag for players that are passionate about the game. All touchpoints, including the padded, front-carry handle, are crafted with genuine leather to ensure a luxurious feel. Because no detail goes unnoticed, the Player III stand bag is also equipped with our signature metal towel ring/bottle opener.

To really push the standards of functionality, the Player III stand bag presents an integrated strap system with higher attachment points. The location of these four attachment points  have been fine-tuned to provide a balanced carry even when the bag is fully-loaded. With this patented four-clip system, players can conveniently interchange between a single and double strap carry within seconds. The straps themselves are padded, backpack-style straps that evenly distribute the stand bag’s weight over the player’s shoulders for all-day comfort. The pivot mechanism seen at the center of the Equilibrium 2.0 Double Strap, is designed to adapt to each player’s natural gait. These slight design modifications coupled with VESSEL’s self-adjusting strap provide the most comfortable carrying experience. 

Like its predecessor, the Player III stand bag is a luxe, full-featured golf carry bag that showcases Vessel’s patented Rotator Stand System that enables the bag to sit flush against the ground despite the terrain. However, this new golf stand bag has received an updated, wider, low-profile base with TPR pads, to ensure maximum stability in the most sleek way. This redesigned feature is paired with Vessel’s classic, carbon fiber legs to provide a sturdy foundation that supports a full set of golf clubs with ease. 


Because touring pros and golf aficionados need reliable and long-lasting golf gear, VESSEL has crafted the Player III with performance-tested, tour-grade synthetic leather and waterproof zippers. This material, formally known as, “microsuede synthetic leather” is engineered to be durable, weather- and fade-resistant, and extremely lightweight. It is treated with hardwearing coatings to ensure the bag’s color stays bright and pristine over years of play. This coating also protects the bag from scuffs and makes it easy-to-clean.

To enhance the bag’s durability, the Player III includes a matching rain hood made from the same tour-grade materials. This covering shields golf clubs from unfavorable weather and keeps the interior dividers and club grips, dry.

The Player III stand bag displays carbon fiber legs that check off multiple qualities for golfers that walk the course. Aside from their sleek appearance, they have been skillfully designed to optimize the strength to weight ratio. The ultra-lightweight stand bag legs weigh less than a pound, but can withstand 20-35lbs. The Player III stand bag has been updated with upgraded shoulder hardware at the joints of the legs to provide long-lasting durability. These mechanisms working in unison, ensure that players have a reliable bag for a lifetime of use. 

Over years of tirelessly testing and improving the signature microsuede synthetic leather, VESSEL has developed a material that golfers can trust to protect their gear. To learn more about maintenance and upkeep, continue reading. 


Only the best stand bags for golf are equipped with intentional storage compartments. Like any golf bag, the organization of each pocket is meant to be tailored to each player. However, VESSEL Golf has crafted each pocket with specific purposes in mind, to account for all golf essentials and cater to every golfer.  

The function of each pocket on the Player III explained:

Large Apparel Pocket | Every golf stand bag needs a designated compartment for extra apparel. Sometimes the weather on the course is unpredictable so it’s best to be over prepared than underprepared. For those rainy golf days, a spare rain jacket, pants, socks, and hat can definitely come in handy. For blistering hot days, it’s helpful to have a fresh golf shirt on hand.

Carry Side Pockets | The design and shape of these amply-sized, gusseted pockets are perfect for storing smaller items. The sleek, modern lines of the side pockets give this new 2020 stand bag a contemporary, classy feel. The Player III golf stand bag also features a flat zip pocket with concealed seams and a waterproof zipper to offer an ideal storage space for yardage books and scorecards. 

Magnetic Accessories Pocket | Below the handle, is a magnetic pocket that is great for securing items like: a rangefinder, tees, golf balls, wallets, or anything else that needs to be within quick reach. The magnetic pocket has proven to be a valuable feature on every VESSEL bag, so it was imperative to include this pocket on the Player III. The magnetic accessories pocket is specifically-designed with a new vertical pull handle for an easier open/close motion. Inside the pocket, is a plush, microfiber lining that protects valuables and rangefinders. The perimeter of the pocket is lined with sturdy magnets to ensure that the pocket stays closed while walking on the course.

Personals Pockets | The Player III stand bag has two personals pockets on the apparel pocket--one exterior and one interior.  Both pockets are lined with antimicrobial microfiber to keep valuables safe and clean. The exterior personals pocket is enclosed with a waterproof zipper to keep items protected from the elements. This pocket provides quick-access to cellphones, wallets, and other small items. The interior pocket comes with a lock to secure valuables such as: watches, jewelry, and more. 

Beverage Storage | All stand bags for golf need plenty of compartments for hydration. This stand bag contains dual magnetic water bottle sleeves that insulate beverages. These external sleeves were added as a direct response to tour players’ feedback in order to provide the easiest and most efficient access. designed with a stretch, mesh gusset and magnetic closure to expand when in use, and automatically snap tight when empty. These subtle details promote the Player III’s over theme of performance elegance.  


To ensure each player can personalize their golf club organization, the Player III stand bag is offered in a 6- or 14-way top divider. Each golf stand bag sports full-length, fully-enclosed dividers to prevent clubs from getting jumbled. The side profile of the top has been slightly angled so the lower end can accommodate irons and wedges, while the taller side protects the driver and fairway woods. These dividers are lined with premium microfiber to protect expensive grips and shafts from excessive wear and tear. 

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When it comes to the best carry bag, golfers can’t compromise weight for functionality and vice versa. The Player III has been thoughtfully designed with a slim and clean look that barely tips the scale at 6 pounds. This new golf stand bag is not only ideal for players that carry their own bag, but those with caddies as well. 


After years of perfecting the tour-grade microsuede synthetic leather that appears on the Player III, the technology and craftsmanship of this material makes it easy to maintain the condition of the bag. This tour-grade material not only repels liquids and prevents stains, but holds its color despite years of sun exposure. To clean this golf bag, players can simply use a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe away dirt and reveal a fresh and pristine appearance. 


The culmination of functional design aspects and a myriad of high-quality materials, sets the Player III apart from any other stand bag on the market. In combination with VESSEL’s heritage of crafting custom golf bags, the Player III presents more opportunity for each player to express their personality through their gear, as it can be embroidered on three sides. 

Learn more about the Player III stand bag and all of its features here.

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