Best Travel Bags for Women and Men

Best Travel Bags for Women and Men

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As travel slowly starts to pick up again, you need to be well-equipped with the best travel bags for your future adventures. Whether that’s a travel backpack or rolling suitcase, we’re looking at the best travel bags for men and women. 

Men’s and Women’s Travel Backpacks

A travel backpack is one of the most convenient and effortless travel bags to bring along on your journey. They offer hands-free mobility so you can focus on preparing transportation tickets, getting through security checkouts, and holding any other necessities as you board planes, trains, etc. 

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Not only are travel backpacks extremely functional, but they are one of the most ergonomic types of travel bag as well. The dual strap style evenly distributes weight across the shoulders and alleviates a lot of lumbar and spine pain that occurs after a long day of travel bags. The best travel backpacks will typically have adjustable shoulder straps and back padding to deliver all-day comfort.

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A travel backpack also provides plenty of room to pack extra clothing, toiletries, snacks, electronics chargers, and other daily essentials. If you frequently travel with a laptop, work supplies, or school supplies, then a laptop travel backpack should definitely be your go-to. This is a specialized travel backpack that features an internal laptop sleeve to organize and protect your electronics while in transit. If you want to find the best laptop travel backpack, be sure to look for one that has a padded laptop compartment

The beauty of a travel backpack is that it truly maximizes the space of your carry-on or personal item for flights. With multiple pockets and a large capacity, a travel backpack has room for so many necessities. For example, the Signature 2.0 Plus Backpack not only offers 27L in the main compartment, but has several internal pockets and separate compartments. This includes: four mesh pockets, microfiber-lined pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, a designated shoe compartment. This style of travel backpack is known for it’s 180-degree laptop opening, which allows it to be easily packed, unpacked, and scanned through airport x-rays. The Signature 2.0 Plus along with other backpack styles make for the perfect carry on travel bag because of the backpack sleeve (trolley sleeve) that slides over a rolling luggage handle. [What is a luggage sleeve? Learn more here

A travel backpack is truly an all-around bag that seamlessly fits into any wardrobe and complements any style.

Luggage Tote Bag 

A luggage tote is another great option for travel. This style is spacious enough to pack all essentials needed for the travel process and a weekend getaway. [See packing list here

A carry on travel tote is so easy to load up and sling over your shoulder for that plane, train, or car ride. Because luggage tote bags are a stylish and classy way to dress up an outfit, they are also excellent bags for site-seeing or grabbing dinner at a local spot.

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Some of the best luggage tote bags will feature plenty of internal storage and a laptop sleeve. With multiple slip pockets and sections, it’s easy to keep track of important items like a wallet, keys, and phone. For all other items that don’t fit within slip pockets, it’s recommended to use pouches or even toiletry bags to keep things organized. If you love to bring along your electronics, then a laptop travel tote would be the best travel bag. This is a specific style of luggage tote bag that accommodates a laptop and/or tablet. This is highly recommended for those that work while traveling or enjoy bringing along gadgets for entertainment. 

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Duffel with Luggage Sleeve

A very classic style of travel bag is the duffel bag. Most options offer enough space for 1-2 weeks worth of clothing, so it’s an ideal option for short or long trips. 

Signature bags often showcase sturdy, dual top handles and a shoulder strap to allow the duffel to be carried in more than one way. This is especially convenient while traveling because multiple handles will allow you to easily grab your luggage from overhead compartments or from beneath seats.

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Only the best duffel bags will feature interior organization pockets and a compartment that is dedicated to shoes. For example, this Signature 2.0 Boston SE has a front zip pocket, two pocket sleeves, and a luggage sleeve on the outside. These pockets are great for storing a wallet, passport, keys, and anything else you’ll need quick-access to. The inside features a velour-lined valuables pocket and two nylon slip pockets that are perfect for storing jewelry, watches, cufflinks, and any other small valuables that need safe-keeping. 

Mindfully-designed duffel bags will have a luggage sleeve for extra functionality. This allows you to pair it with your favorite rolling luggage for convenient transportation. This pairing is great for long trips that would require two bags!

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Rolling Luggage 

A tried and true is, of course, the rolling suitcase. This is one of the best travel bags for those that need to pack a more substantial amount of clothing, but need the convenience of wheeling the cargo around. With this option, it’s easy to navigate through busy airports and transportation terminals. A rolling carry on luggage will give your back and shoulders a rest and provide a relaxing travel experience.

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However, it’s important to consider the destination you’re traveling to. Most modernized and urban cities tend to have well-paved sidewalks and roads. Whereas older or less-developed places will often have bumpy roads. It’s recommended to utilize a rolling luggage bag only if your destination’s landscape is somewhat easy to maneuver. Otherwise, you’ll have to lug your rolling suitcase along cobblestone streets or undeveloped paths. 

A rolling suitcase is a great choice of travel bag due to its functionality and practicality. Most luggages will feature multiple handles and plenty of pockets. These are crucial for easy handling and effortless packing. For example, this Signature 2.0 Rolling Luggage showcases a front zip pocket that reveals a laptop compartment, zippered mesh pockets, nylon slips for a passport, pen holsters, and a velour-lined pocket for valuables. It may seem risky to store a laptop in a rolling luggage, but this particular model is approved by all domestic and international flights. Therefore, it can always stay right by your side!

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Lastly, a rolling suitcase is only as good as its mobility. Most modern rolling luggages have 360-degree wheels that allow the bag to oscillate on a wider range of motion. Nothing is worse than luggage wheels that get stuck at every turn. 

Toiletry Bags 

A toiletry bag is a supplementary travel bag that makes all the difference in your travel experience. This bag not only organizes your toothbrush, toothpaste, hygiene essentials, shave kits, and more, but they help prevent accidental spills. When traveling with liquids, it can be a gamble to stash them with clothing and shoes without proper storage. To avoid the hassle of staining or ruining clothing, it’s important to have a travel toiletry bag

The most practical kind of toiletry is a hanging toiletry bag. This style hangs onto a towel rod to display the contents in a convenient and efficient way. By hanging it on a rod, it frees up more counter space as well.

Check out: Mens Toiletry Bag | Toiletry Bag for Women 

Travel Shoe Bag

An underrated but highly recommended style of travel bag are shoe bags. For those that may only bring one other pair of shoes, it may be helpful to have a separate shoe bag. That way, additional shoes don’t take up space in your backpack or tote. This is also perfect for expensive dress shoes or heels that require extra attention.

Shoe bags are even helpful when paired with a luggage or duffel bag. The additional cushion provided, prevents shoes from getting crushed by other items in the main carry bag. This is a huge help when you’d like your favorite sneakers to arrive in the same condition they were packed.

Aside from occasional travel, shoe bags can be useful for daily life as well. They can be used to properly store expensive shoes in closets--especially if the shoes are made of leather or other materials that lighten from too much sun exposure.

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