What to Pack in a Tote while Traveling

What to Pack in a Tote while Traveling

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The art of packing for a flight is a skill gained from trial and error. Equally as challenging, is learning how to maximize the storage of your personal item. If you typically bring a carryall, women’s tote bag, then you already utilize one of the best bag styles for travel. The real obstacle is determining what items to pack, and what items to leave at home. We’ve created a comprehensive list of items that are essential to have in your women’s travel tote.

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Wallet + Credentials 

The most important items to have in your women’s travel tote, are your wallet, ID, passport, and credit cards. These are not only crucial for every-day, but essential for travel. If you plan to venture outside of the country, it’s recommended to carry a copy of your passport and birth certificate as well. Be sure to stash these valuables in an efficient way. Items like your ID, credit cards, and passport will need to be easily accessible. Find a wallet that accommodates them. For copies of documents, store them in a carry-all pouch. This conceals the documents and also allows you to organize them with books, notebooks, etc. 

Essential Toiletries

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Other essentials that should always be stocked in your women’s travel tote are: lip balm, lotion, tissues, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, eye drops, and feminine hygiene products. Whether your flight is an hour or 15 hours, these items help to provide a comfortable, stress-free trip. 

Because the circulated air in plane cabins is so drying, it’s easy for eyes, lips, and skin to become dehydrated. Having moisturizing items like lip balm, eye drops, and lotion on hand is crucial for rejuvenation. Other items for dental care and deodorants are helpful when freshening up on flights or after. 

Phone + Headphones

Of course, having your phone and headphones on hand is a must! For long flights, you can pre-download music or movies to keep the in-flight entertainment going. Or if you prefer to sleep through flights, you can download a few white noise apps. Be sure to store these small items in a carryall pouch or in a side pocket of your luggage tote bag, for easy access.

Laptop + Tablet 

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For those that work on-the-go, be sure to select a laptop tote with a designated laptop sleeve or pocket. This is helpful in keeping your laptop tote bag organized, but especially important for protecting your electronics. 

Chargers + Adapters 

It goes without saying that if you pack electronics, you’ll have to pack your chargers, cables, and adapters (if you’re traveling out of the country). Make sure your women’s tote has plenty of internal storage to organize everything in specific slip pockets… the last thing you’ll want to do is spend time detangling cords!

Reusable Water Bottle 

Packing a reusable water bottle or canteen is great for everyday, but especially while traveling. You’ll be able to fill this up after security checkpoints or on your flight if your airline provides drink service. Once you reach your destination, a reusable water bottle would be convenient to have while site-seeing. At the start of each day and during meal times, you can fill your bottle with ice and water to have throughout your adventure. So, even if you don’t make many pit-stops, at least you’ll have a refreshing beverage in your tote bag

Hand Sanitizer + Disinfectant Wipes 

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes have been crucial throughout this pandemic. However, these items should always be kept in your women’s tote bag while traveling. All public spaces (especially airports and planes) are highly-frequented, so the risk of coming in contact with harmful bacteria is heightened. It’s recommended to sanitize your hands after security screenings and to wipe down your seat before you prepare for take-off. 

Medications + Healthcare items 

Travel often exposes you to different germs, fluctuating temperatures, and varying environmental factors. This combination of elements is the perfect setting for weakened immune systems. To avoid getting sick, stock your carry on travel tote with immune support items like powdered vitamin mix-ins and immune-support gummies. These simple supplements will give your body the extra boost to fend off any creeping sicknesses. You wouldn’t want little aches and pains to ruin a fun trip, so be sure to also pack pain relievers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Spare Outfit 

Packing a spare outfit in carry on travel tote is necessary for short and long trips. If you’ve ever checked-in a bag (and had your luggage lost or delayed) you’ll know how frustrating it can be to track it down or replace it altogether. Rather than involuntarily wearing the same clothes until you’re able to freshen up, you can prepare an additional outfit in your womens tote bag. It’s also recommended to bring a sweater in case the air conditioner is on full blast throughout the flight. 

Headscarf, Hat, & Sunglasses

A headscarf, hat, and sunglasses aren’t necessities to have in your tote bag, but they definitely make the trip more comfortable. If your head or ears tend to get cold, a hat or scarf will keep you warm throughout chilly flights. These head coverings also protect your head and hair from any abrasive cleaning products that may have been used to sanitize the seats prior to boarding. 

Sunglasses double as an eye mask when taking a nap, and of course, as eye protection when exploring your destination. 

Reading, Writing, and/or Sketching Materials

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If your flight is pretty long or you’re in need of some entertainment, it’s always nice to pack a book, notebook, or sketchbook. Flights can be a great time to “unplug” and focus on time for yourself, so having a handy book in your computer tote or travel tote is highly recommended. 

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows aren’t just good for long-haul flights. It’s recommended to have your head and neck supported for any duration you spend sleeping in an upright position. With a travel pillow, you can have a comfortable sleep and avoid painful neck cramps. 

Snacks, Mints, and Gum 

Whether you have a red-eye or mid-day flight, your women’s tote handbag should have snacks, mints, and gum. It’s best not to rely on grabbing these items at the airport because oftentimes, they’re extremely overpriced.

With lengthy flights you having some type of mints or gum is not only helpful to freshen up your breath, but they’re also useful for relieving ear pressure after take-off. 

Eye Mask Treatment

Eye mask treatments are more for self-care rather than necessity, but your future self will thank you for packing a few pairs in your carry on travel tote. Throughout a long day of flying, you can depuff your under eyes, restore your natural glow, and unwind. 

Valuable Items

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As a last general rule-- all jewelry, watches, and anything you don’t want to lose or replace, should stay on your person as you travel. It’s too often that check-in luggage could be lost or misplaced, so it’s recommended to keep these items in your travel tote bag. You should keep them organized within a pocket of your tote, or in a secure pouch. This will protect your items and allow you to easily find them when needed.

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