Holiday Travel Tips: Start With Your Luggage

Holiday Travel Tips: Start With Your Luggage

It's that time of year again, the most wonderful time of the year! With family, food, joy and festivities also comes holiday travel woes, crowded airports, long road trips and traffic jams. 

You can ease some of the stress of holiday travel and get to celebrating faster by choosing the right luggage.

Vessel's Signature Garment Duffel combines the portability of a duffel bag with the functionality of a garment bag. It's perfect if you want to avoid checked bag fees during holiday travel, or if you're trying to free up space in a crowded road trip vehicle.

Our single-zipper system allows the bag to be opened up flat, like a traditional garment bag, making it the perfect wrinkle-free solution when traveling for the holidays.

The interior garment compartment features a hanger hook and can fit up to 3 garments. When zipped up, this travel bag provides traditional duffel storage with a large main opening for easy packing and unpacking.

Functional features, such as a trolley sleeve and detachable shoulder strap, paired with elegant and durable body materials make this the dream duffel for traveling professionals.


By combining multiple functions into one sleek garment bag, the Signature Garment Duffel makes holiday travel easy. The Signature Garment Duffel keeps your holiday garments wrinkle free while also providing space for everything else you'll need to enjoy and celebrate with friends and family. 

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