Want More Presidents Cup? Vessel Can Help

Want More Presidents Cup? Vessel Can Help

If you can't wait until the Ryder Cup to enjoy more team and country golf action, you're in luck. Vessel provided both Team USA and the International Team with the official Presidents Cup team bags and you can still own a piece of history. Not only can you take home a replica team bag, but the Player III is available in red, white and blue for the first time.  

The Player III in Red, White and Blue

During Presidents Cup play, Vessel released a limited edition Red, White and Blue color way of our best-selling bag, the Player III.

 presidents cup playeriii

The limited edition Player III is available in both 6 and 14 way tops

Limited Edition Presidents Cup Bags

If you caught any of the Presidents Cup coverage, you likely saw the player's caddies with a Vessel bag over their shoulder.

VESSEL released a limited edition 2022 President's Cup collection of golf bags and accessories crafted of the same color schemes, materials, and logos as the bags that were carried by the players on both the United States and International teams.

You haven't missed your chance to own one. 

Team USA

The 2022 USA team bags utilize the traditional red, white and blue colors of the American flag. This year’s design incorporates a new USA logo that was provided by the team.

International Team

The International team requested an all black bag, with just a hint of Patent Synthetic Leather along some of the piping. The international shield logo application has also been updated for this year's tournament.


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