Lite Lux: The Finest in Luxury

Lite Lux: The Finest in Luxury

Golf 2020 | 5 min read

As part of VESSEL’s mission to elevate every golfer’s playing experience, each golf bag is mindfully-crafted for functionality and style. Years of testing coupled with innovation, has inspired the VESSEL Golf design team to create a new luxury golf bag unlike any other. 

This inside look at the Lite LUX captures the inspiration and concept behind the most luxurious golf stand bag of 2020. 

The Body 

Inspiration: The feeling of a luxury car interior with its curated materials and attention to detail.

Our design team has tirelessly evaluated different materials to find the best ones suitable for touring pros and discerning golfers. Through rigorous testing and consumer feedback, we’ve found that vegan leather performs unlike any other material. Our signature tour-grade vegan leather is: lightweight, durable, weatherproof, abrasion-resistant, fade-resistant, and easy to clean. This makes it perfect for a golf carry bag that needs to be sturdy, stylish, and easy to use.

When designing the Lite Lux, the team wanted to integrate the functionality of our tour-grade vegan leather and the luxurious crosshatch texture from our lifestyle collection. This crosshatch pattern, commonly found on high-end designer bags or the interior of a car, is showcased on the body of the Lite LUX carry bag. It truly encompasses the deluxe look and feel of VESSEL Lifestyle bags and durable practicality of VESSEL Golf bags. 

The Functionality 

Inspiration: The practicality of the VESSEL Lite Stand 

The VESSEL Lite Stand bag has been a tried and true fan-favorite since its launch in 2018. From its lightweight body and functional features, it quickly became every walking golfer’s choice weekend bag. Our design experts took note of every praise and critique of the Lite Stand, and combined it with luxe details to create the most functional luxury golf stand bag. 

The Lite LUX shares the same dimensions as the Lite Stand (34.75"H x 13"L x 12"W) to offer an aptly-sized bag that is comfortable to carry by single or double strap. We’ve found that this is the perfect height to enable players or caddies to grab clubs without any hassle. The 8-inch, 4-way top is engineered to comfortably hold a full set of clubs, and a few extras if needed. 

The Lite LUX features 2 fully-enclosed, full-length nylon dividers to ensure that clubs stay organized and separated while in motion. This prevents clubs from getting tangled, and ensures a smooth and efficient playing experience. 

While the design team drew inspiration from the Lite Stand, they also looked to what they know holds the highest standards in both performance and aesthetics--Tour-grade staff bags. Those familiar with VESSEL staff bags, have seen the plush velour that envelops the top dividers. This luxe detail not only amplifies the aesthetics of the Lite LUX, but cushions expensive clubs and grips. 

Like other pieces in VESSEL collections, the Lite LUX was designed with functionality in mind. The team once again evaluated the top-performing aspects of the Lite Stand and made sure to include these in the Lite LUX design. Of course, our Patented Rotator Stand System and carbon fiber legs were must-have features for the new best golf carry bag. These lightweight stand legs are paired with a new Exoskeletal base that is exclusive to the Lite LUX model. The base was engineered to have an exceptional weight-to-strength ratio, and offer maximum stability on flat and uneven surfaces. This sturdy infrastructure effortlessly holds the weight of a full set of clubs no matter the terrain. 

The Lite LUX also boasts crucial storage pockets like: a large garment compartment, velour-lined personals pocket, cooler-lined water bottle sleeve, and magnetic velour-lined rangefinder pocket. Superior pocket features and materials have become Vessel standards making it a no-brainer to include them in this new golf stand bag design. 

Another classic feature on the Lite LUX is our Patented Equilibrium 2.0 Convertible Strap. The golf stand bag showcases 4 attachment points in which the carry strap snaps into. This system allows each golfer to swap between a double or single strap depending on what is most comfortable. 

The Details

Inspiration: The handcrafted detailing found on a luxury handbag.

What sets the Lite LUX apart from other stand bags in the VESSEL Golf collection, are the fine details that are reminiscent of VESSEL lifestyle bags. Our design team took a look at the most popular lifestyle bags, and assessed which features have made them the most-loved pieces. Details emerged like the handle attachment found on our Signature Garment Duffel. They also looked to the best-selling Signature 2.0 Backpack for guidance in the styling and material choices on the Lite LUX. From chrome YKK zippers, specially designed zipper wells, and mindful organization systems, the Lite LUX displays the most lavish yet functional aspects from our lifestyle bags. The application of metal zippers works well for thicker materials like leather or vegan leather, while the specially-designed zipper gussets protect the zipper pulls and overall mechanism.  

The design team then hand-selected matching chrome hardware for the zipper pulls, bag rivets, and dual-purpose bottle opener/towel ring. Although these accents are minimal, they provide  cohesion that elevates the overall look of the Lite LUX. To continue the monochromatic feel, the Lite LUX features a matching, all-weather rain hood that looks as good as it performs. The sleek cover is made from the same durable, vegan leather to ensure that clubs stay protected through rain or shine. 

Considering that most golfers tend to play in more favorable weather, the need for a bulky umbrella holster is unnecessary for most. This encouraged the team to make sure that the holster stayed as minimal as possible, and thus, called for a sleek, hook-and-loop umbrella holder. This functionally-unobtrusive feature stays out of the way and concealed until needed.

As the design team looked to other hallmarks of luxury, they found inspiration in the fine detailing of a car. They applied the 3-point stitch technique--commonly found on leather steering wheels--to the genuine leather handles of the Lite LUX. The high-quality genuine leather will age beautifully over time, and the durable stitching will ensure that the leather stays securely in place. 

The Flagship 

Of course, no VESSEL golf bag would be complete without an element of personalization. Staying true to our custom golf bag roots, the Lite LUX is able to be personalized on the front belly panel. And new for 2020, is the ability to add personalization to the left and right pockets as well. By adding a name, initials, logo, or club crest, every golfer is able to show their unique style and personality. 


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