Tennis Bag Buying Guide for Any Player

Tennis Bag Buying Guide for Any Player

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When looking for a new tennis bag, it’s important to consider how much storage you need, and what kind of carry is the most comfortable for you. Whether you’re a beginner, avid player, or professional, you’ll need to find the tennis bag that best suits your needs. Make sure you’re familiar with how much stuff you bring to and from the court, as this will help throughout your search for the best tennis bag.

[Image: Baseline Tennis Backpack in Tech Black / Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag in Neomint]

Popular Tennis Bags

3-Racquet Tennis Bag

This type of tennis bag can be a racket bag or tennis backpack style. They hold 1-3 tennis racquets and basic equipment like: tennis balls, racquet strings, grip tape, and water bottles. Because this compact style only holds tennis necessities, it is recommended for beginners, occasional players, or club players that live close to their club. 

A tip for finding the best 3 racket tennis bag is to make sure there are designated pockets for all of your items. There should be one compartment dedicated to tennis racquets and smaller pockets to organize miscellaneous tennis gear. It is also helpful to have external pockets to hold daily essentials like your phone, keys, and wallet. 

If you’re looking for a bag that can carry shoes and a change of clothes, then be sure to check if the bag has a designated pocket for these items. For example, this tennis backpack has a separate shoe compartment to ensure that all other gear stays fresh and clean. 

Tennis Racquet Backpack 

[Image: Baseline Tennis Backpack in Tech Grey]

Tennis backpacks are modified backpacks that provide versatility on and off the court. Oftentimes, tennis backpacks showcase a racquet compartment that sits flat against your back so the racquets stay aligned. High-end tennis backpacks will have padded racket compartments to ensure that expensive or custom racquets are protected at all times. Other common features for luxury tennis backpacks are: a large main compartment, shoe compartment, and water bottle sleeve. The large compartment is perfect for holding extra clothes, strings, tape, and warm-up equipment like jump ropes or travel-sized massage rollers. A separate shoe compartment is an important feature for those that commonly play on a clay court and need to keep clothing and towels separate from dirty tennis shoes. 

Tennis racket backpacks are perfect for beginners and junior players because they hold all essential tennis gear without being extremely bulky like a 9 or 12-racket bag. Plus, backpack tennis racquet bags double for everyday use so they are a great alternative to classic tennis bags. For those that need a bag that seamlessly transitions from work to practice, a tennis backpack offers multifunctional wear that’s suitable for whatever the day brings. They are also easy to transport, so tennis racket backpacks are great for players that walk or cycle to their court. The double shoulder strap evenly balances the weight of the backpack, and provides a comfortable carry. 

Tennis Tote Bag 

[Image: Baseline Tennis Tote Bag in Neomint

Tennis totes are one of the most popular kinds of tennis bags for women. Like tennis backpacks, they provide a versatile way to transport tennis gear and other daily items. Compared to classic women’s totes, tennis tote bags are made with deeper main compartments so they’re able to hold necessary tennis gear. They typically have space for: 2 rackets, tennis accessories, clothing, water bottles, towels, spare strings, and shoes. High-end tennis totes will have padded racquet compartments and insulated water bottle pockets

Tennis tote bags are great for club players or occasional players that don’t need more than 2 racquets or a ton of spare items. This kind of tennis bag is meant for those that enjoy a quick practice session before or after work and need a quick way to transport everything in style. It is the preferred tennis bag style for working professionals and those that play while traveling. Because many tennis totes are offered in sleek, minimal silhouettes, they can easily transition from work, to play, to vacation. This luxury tennis tote even has a trolley sleeve so you can secure your tennis tote to your rolling luggage

Tennis Duffel Bag

[Image: Skyline Duffel Bag in Navy]

Tennis duffle bags have become increasingly popular since many professionals use this bag in addition to their tennis racquet bag. Tour players like to use this style of bag to store clothes and clean items separate from their racquets, shoes, and dirty tennis gear. However, many avid tennis players use tennis duffel bags as their primary way to transport their gear. Tennis duffle bags can fit: racquets, tennis balls, strings, clothing, and shoes. Keep in mind that tennis duffel bags will not likely have specific pockets for organization or insulated padding for racquets. 

Therefore, tennis duffle bags are suggested for players that only need a quick and convenient way to transport their items perhaps to and from their car. A tennis duffel is a great option for those that might need it to double as a gym bag, or for players that want their tennis bag to be a bit more conspicuous than a classic racket bag. It’s important to note that if you’re traveling with a tennis racquet bag that does not have padding or insulation, the strings and overall frame may be affected.

6 Racquet Tennis Bag

[Image: Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag in Rose Gold]

These larger racquet bags are perfect for storing all spare equipment and multiple racquets. Most 6 racquet tennis bags are either a duffel style or backpack style. So, depending on preference, you’ll want to consider what type of carry works best. The Baseline Racquet Bag has interchangeable straps so you’re able to swap between a tennis duffle or racquet bag. 

A 6-racquet tennis bag is likely to have 2-3 large compartments and numerous, small pockets to keep everything organized. For example, this 6 racquet tennis bag has 2 insulated side compartments that each fit 2 racquets. The insulation helps to maintain the temperature inside the bag which retains string tension. No matter the change in weather or air pressure while flying, racquet strings will not be affected by these external factors. The main part of the bag has a designated shoe compartment and room for: 2 racquets, tennis balls, extra strings, extra grips, towels, clothes, and miscellaneous items. Many high-end racquet bags like this one, features a  cooler-lined external water bottle pocket for quick-access to hydration. 

Many tennis beginners opt for a 6 racquet tennis bag because the capacity ensures that there is plenty room to store necessary tennis gear. This style is also great for avid tennis players that need to interchange racquets to give strings a break. If you’ve invested in expensive rackets and other customizations, you’ll definitely want to find a 6 racket tennis bag that has a molded shell or thermal racquet compartments. These details help to reduce unnecessary damage to your gear. 


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