What’s the Best Golf for You? Comparing Staff vs. Mini Staff vs. Cart Bag

What’s the Best Golf for You? Comparing Staff vs. Mini Staff vs. Cart Bag

Golf 2020 | 4 min read

Searching for the best golf bags can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Where do you even start? Before diving into the differences between golf staff bags and golf cart bags, it’s important to figure out what kind of golfer you are. 

-Do like to ride in a golf cart or walk the course?

-If you walk, do you often have a caddy, or do you carry your own bag?

-Do you tend to bring a lot of golf gear when you play? 

If you walk the course, have a caddy, and bring a lot of golf gear, then a golf staff bag would be best for you. 

Because golf staff bags are the largest and heaviest kind of bag (10-12 pounds), they are typically used by professional golfers. This is for two main reasons: 1) staff bags have large panels which provide plenty of advertising space and, 2) staff bags provide ample storage so pros can prepare for unexpected weather changes during a tournament. If you plan to advertise with your bag or stock it up with rain gear and extra clubs, then a staff bag may be ideal. 

Even if you don’t plan to use the bag for advertising or tournament purposes, you may still benefit from the size and space offered by a golf staff bag. The weight is worth it if you avidly golf, always have a caddy, pack heavy, and don't mind carrying the bag for a round. Otherwise, toting this bag along may fatigue you before you hit the back nine. 

Keep in mind that a staff bag would have to be carried since most golf cart beds are too small to adequately transport it. Normally, staff bags barely fit into the bed of a golf cart, which causes the cart to dig into the material. This accelerates wear and tear on the bag and leave unsightly cart marks. 

The Prime Staff is one of the best golf bags for golfers that meet the above criteria. It features: two large side pockets, six additional sip pockets, two magnetic closure pockets, and two external water bottle sleeves. The two large side pockets are perfect for golf accessories, a change of clothes, additional layers, and anything else that is essential for 18 holes. The magnetic pockets efficiently store tees, golf balls, and a rangefinder. All other golf essentials can be neatly organized within the internal zippered and mesh pockets. [See more details here]

This bag model is excellent for players that need to be prepared for any kind of weather, and golfers that spend lots of hours on the green. If this bag model is slightly too big, perhaps a Mini Staff bag is preferred. 

If you walk the course, bring a lot of golf gear, and prefer a small top divider, then a mini staff bag is best for you. 

Prodigy Staff Bag from VESSEL - Filled With Purpose.

Mini staff bags are well-- mini versions of staff bags. They still roughly weigh around the same as a full-sized staff bag, but may have 1-2 lbs pounds difference. A notable variance between most mini staff and their larger counterparts is the size of top divider and overall more compact silhouette. With a top divider that is slightly in diameter, golf clubs can be packed more tightly. This eliminates a lot of unpleasant clattering while you walk. 

With a mini staff bag, you still reap most benefits that you get from a full-sized golf staff bag. There is still plenty of room to fit all golf essentials and the large side panels that lend themselves as great advertising space. Although the overall size of the mini staff is smaller than a regular staff, it’s still not recommended to store it in a golf cart. 

The Prodigy Mini Staff is one of the best golf bags for avid golfers, teaching pros, and those with smaller frames. It features 10 external pockets including: three personals pockets, two garment compartments, a large front pocket, and a magnetic rangefinder pocket. [See more details here]

This style is best for those that walk the course or have a caddy. Mini staffs are also highly recommended for teaching pros since clubs and training aids can be easily accessed during golf lessons. 

If you ride a golf cart, bring a lot of golf gear, and prefer multiple divider configurations, then a golf cart bag would be best for you.

Golf cart bags are slightly smaller than mini staff bags but still offer a considerable amount of storage space. This style typically weighs about 6-8 pounds and is specifically designed to be stowed on an electric golf cart or push cart. Golf cart bags normally feature front-facing pockets, large side pockets, and easy-grip top handles, which make handling the bag as efficient as possible. 

This bag style is recommended for cart-riders that want a substantial bag, but don’t need the excess space and weight that staff bags provide. The Lux 2.0 Cart Bag features 5 pockets including: a large apparel pocket, a large cooler-lined pocket, a magnetic rangefinder pocket, and two additional pockets for tees and golf balls. This is one of the best golf cart bags for players that like the option to pick their top divider configuration because it’s available in a 6-way or 14-way. [See more details here]

Golf cart bags are ideal for players that exclusively ride golf carts and don’t anticipate walking the course. Because of the structure and size of most golf cart bags, they don’t make for the most comfortable all-day carry. 

Regardless of the style of golf bag you choose, it should always be fun and convenient to use on the course. These tools should make the game easier--not harder! If you’re looking for a smaller option than the ones above, then perhaps a golf stand bag is for you. Check out more styles here

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