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What's the Difference Between a Stand Bag and Cart Bag in Golf?

What's the Difference Between a Stand Bag and Cart Bag in Golf?

Golfers often carry a lot of equipment with them on the golf course, which is why golf bags are an essential part of their golf gear. There are two main types of golf bags: stand bags and cart bags. While both serve the same purpose, there are significant differences between the two. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the differences between stand and cart bags in golf.

Stand Bags

Stand bags are designed for golfers who prefer to carry their bags for a round of golf. These bags have retractable legs that allow them to stand upright, so the golfer can easily access their clubs. Stand Bags and Carry bags are lightweight, making them easier to carry around the course. They also have comfortable shoulder straps that make them easy to carry on the golfer's back.

Stand bags typically have fewer pockets than cart bags, but they still provide enough space to store golf balls, tees, gloves, and other accessories. Stand bags and carry bags are an excellent option for golfers who like to walk the golf course, or use a caddie and do not want to be weighed down by a heavy bag.

High quality stand bags, like the versatile VESSEL Player III, VLS Lux or VLX 2.0, feature extra conveniences to make a walking round more comfortable. VESSEL’s patented 8-point pivot equilibrium strap balances the bag on the golfer’s shoulders, making the bag feel lighter and easier to carry. Many golfers looking for the best golf bags enjoy VESSEL’s carry bags because of their functionality, ability to carry golf accessories, insulated cooler pockets, valuables pockets, apparel pockets, magnetic-close rangefinder pockets, single strap or double strap options

Cart Bags

Cart bags, on the other hand, are designed for golfers who use a golf cart to get around the course. These bags are larger and heavier than stand bags, and they do not have retractable legs. Instead, they have a flat base that sits securely on the back of a golf cart.

Cart bags have many more pockets than stand bags, which allows golfers to store all of their equipment and golf clubs, including extra clothing, towels, and snacks. Golf cart bags are also designed to be easier to access while on a cart, with pockets and zippers located on the front of the bag for easy reach.

Cart bags can be heavier and bulkier than stand bags, which makes them less ideal for golfers who prefer to walk the course. However, they are an excellent option for golfers who use a cart and need to carry a lot of equipment with them.


Dividers are an essential feature of golf bags, and they can significantly impact a golfer's experience on the course. Dividers are designed to keep the clubs organized and prevent them from getting tangled up in the bag. Both stand and cart bags can have dividers, and the number and type of dividers vary depending on the bag's design.

Stand bags typically have fewer dividers than cart bags. They usually have two to four dividers, which means that the clubs are grouped together by type rather than individually. For example, a stand bag may have one section for woods, another for irons, and a third for wedges and putters. While this can make it easier to find the right club, it can also make it more challenging to get the club out of the bag quickly.

Cart bags, on the other hand, typically have more dividers than stand bags. Some cart bags have as many as 14 individual dividers, which means that each club has its own slot. This makes it easy to access the club quickly and prevents the clubs from rubbing against each other and getting damaged.

The type of divider can also vary between bags. Some bags have full-length dividers that run the entire length of the bag, while others have shorter dividers that only go halfway up the bag. Full-length dividers are generally considered better because they provide more protection for the clubs and prevent them from clanking against each other.

Dividers are an important feature to consider when choosing a golf bag. While stand bags typically have fewer club dividers than cart bags, both types of bags can have dividers that impact the organization and protection of clubs. The number and type of dividers come down to personal preference, so it's essential to choose a bag that fits your playing style and equipment needs.

Do Stand Bags Work in a Golf Cart?

While stand bags are designed primarily for golfers who prefer to walk the course, they can also be used on a golf cart. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

Firstly, stand bags do not have a flat base like cart bags, which can make them unstable on a cart. Some stand bags come with a cart strap that can be used to secure the bag to the cart, but this can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Secondly, stand bags can be smaller than cart bags, which means that they may not have enough storage space for all of the equipment that golfers need on the course. While stand bags usually have enough space for the essentials, such as clubs, balls, tees, and gloves, they may not have room for extra clothing, towels, and snacks.

Finally, stand bags can be more difficult to access on a cart than cart bags, which have pockets and zippers located on the front of the bag for easy reach. Stand bags may require the golfer to turn the bag around or remove it from the cart to access the equipment.

In summary, while stand bags can be used on a golf cart, they may not be the most convenient option. Cart bags are designed specifically for use on a cart, with a flat base, ample storage space, and easy access to equipment. However, if a golfer prefers to use a stand bag on a cart, they should ensure that the bag is secured to the cart and that they have everything they need within easy reach.


The main difference between stand and cart bags in golf is their design and purpose. Stand bags are lighter and designed for golfers who prefer to walk the course, while cart bags are heavier and designed for golfers who use a cart. Both bags provide ample storage space for golf equipment, but cart bags have more pockets and are generally larger.

When choosing a golf bag, it's important to consider how you prefer to play the game. If you prefer to walk the course, a stand bag may be the best option for you. However, if you use a cart, a cart bag may be more suitable. Ultimately, the choice between a stand bag and a cart bag comes down to personal preference and playing style.

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