Your Golf Bag Checklist

Your Golf Bag Checklist


30 Essential Items to Carry on the Course

2019 Golf | 5 min read 

The gear in a golfer's bag is just as unique as their style of play. However, this is a list of items that professionals and teaching pros believe are crucial for playing well. 



The Basics

1) Golf Balls + Tees (0.02 lb + 0.08lb)  

Aside from golf clubs, balls and tees are the most important tools to have on the green. It’d be pretty hard to play golf without a ball, don’t you think?

2) Ball Markers (0.0 lb)

Typically a small, flat object about the size of a coin; placed directly behind the golf ball to mark its position before the ball is lifted.

3) Range Finder (0.7 lb) 

This device measures the distance from you and another object. It allows you to gauge where to hit the ball with the most accuracy. 

4) Golf Gloves (0.1 lb)

Golf gloves create more friction and tackiness between your hand and the club grip, which prevents it from turning in a way that’s unfavorable.

5) Sunscreen (0.05 lb)

Spending long hours on the course usually means spending long hours out in the sun. To prevent sunburn and skin damage, having sunscreen on-hand is a must. 

6) Yardage Book (0.1 lb) 

Having a yardage book is always necessary. It allows you to take strategic notes of how to play at each hole. 

7) Towels (0.25 lb) 

Absorbent cloths and towels can be useful to wipe down clubs and hands in both wet and dry conditions

8) Water Bottle (1 lb) 

Although many courses have water carts, it’s still a good idea to keep an extra water bottle in your bag. It’s crucial to replenish the body and stay hydrated.

Weight of Basics = 2.3 lb

The below images are suggestions of how to store golf gear in the Vessel Prime Staff Bag. 



To Assist Play

9) Collapsible Wire Brush (0.1 lb)

This tool scrubs the head of a club to remove any dirt and grime stuck in the grooves. Cleaning clubs regularly will ensure that nothing interferes with club’s contact with the ball. 

10) Permanent Markers (0.05 lb) 

Useful to make identification marks on a golf ball, permanent markers help you keep track of your ball, line up putts, or aim down the fairway.

11) Divot Tool (0.05 lb) 

These 2-pronged tools are used for repairing pitch marks (indentations) that are left on the surface after a golf ball plops onto the putting green. 

12) Alignment Stick (1 lb) 

This tool is helpful with improving your swing path and aim

13) Swinging Aid (0.3) 

This tool can vary from weighted sticks, to compression tools, but their main purposes are to help improve swing speed. Swinging aids are especially helpful for warm-up.

14) Valuables Pouch (0.25 lb) 

A velour or genuine leather pouch helps to make sure that your watches, jewelry, or any other small valuables are not lost on the course. 

15) Shoe Inserts (0.5 lb)

For maximum comfort while being on your feet all day, use foam, gel, or plastic insoles.

16) Pain Relievers (0.05 lb) 

Antihistamines can help any aches and pains subside during all of the swinging.

Weight of Assistive Tools = 2.3lbs



For a Change in Weather

17) Outerwear (1 lb) 

18) Umbrella (0.8 lb)

19) Extra Socks (0.03 lb) 

20) Extra Shirt (0.07 lb) 

21) Rain Hood (0.6 lb) 

Weight for Weather Items = 2.5 lbs



For Just in Case

22) Lip Balm (0.01 lb)

23) Band-Aids (0.01 lb)

24) Extra Range Finder Battery (0.07 lb)

25) USB Cord (0.03 lb)

26) Snacks (0.2 lb)

27) Koozie (0.03 lb)

28) Business Cards (0.02 lb)

29) Extra Cash in Small bills (0.02 lb)

30) Bottle Opener (0.01 lb) 


Total Weight for Essentials (listed) : 7.5 pounds


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