Industry Leading Balance

The Player IV series is equipped with our patented Equilibrium 2.0 Double Strap. This ergonomic strap features an 8-point swivel mechanism which self-adjusts to each golfer’s gait.

Our patented Rotator Stand System provides maximum stability. Flex activation, combined with a wide, low-profile base allows the bag to sit flush against the ground when the legs are fully deployed.

Maximum Stability

A key feature upgrade, the ‘jam-resistant’ bottom club divider prevents club grips from jamming when the legs are deployed for effortless club retrieval. This means no more cramming or fumbling for your clubs.


Designed for the ultimate player, this tennis bag delivers a durable construction, modern design and optimal tennis features.

built to perform

The PrimeX Backpack is a versatile, utility bagperfect for work, travel, outdoor adventures and everything in between. This backpack offers plenty of storage, including dedicated tech compartments for your laptop, phone, tablets and more.

The first of its kind in out lineup, the PrimeX features a snap-closure magnetic accessory pocket with a hook lock for added security.

The ultimate caddy bag

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In response to the needs of avid players, we’ve given the VLX 2.0 a larger, 8” top to comfortably fit a full set of clubs. The 4-way top features full-length dividers. Higher strap attachment points offer superior balance when the bag is being carried to keep clubs from falling out.

4 -Way
8" x 7.5"
Magnetic pocket
Lined with antimicrobial microfiber, this pocket features a new, internal divider - allowing you to safely store multiple items.
Beverage storage
The VLX 2.0 features dual bottle sleeves, complete with insulation, drainage & magnetic-snap closure.
pen/tee holder
New to the VLX 2.0 is a vertical slip pocket, ideal for holding pens and/or tees.
Interior lock pocket
Inside the left compartment is a lockable valuables pocket - combination lock included.
Patented rotator base
With updated styling, our patented Rotator Stand System keeps the whole base on the ground when the legs are deployed for maximum stability. 
EQ2 double strap
This self-adjusting strap features our patented swivel mechanism to match each golfer’s gait. Easily converts to a single strap.
Carbon fiber legs
The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber legs are housed in a slimmer, reengineered silhouette that offers more scratch-free protection to the legs.